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3 Best Golf Tours in NZ

New Zealand is home to some of the world’s biggest and most beautiful golf courses. If you’re a fan of golf, it’s recommended that you fly over to NZ for a holiday, stay at one of the NZ golf resorts, and live the good life for a couple of weeks. Whether you go with your spouse or a group of friends, it’ll be an incredible experience.
Now, let’s discuss the best gold tours in NZ.

1.NZ North Island Escorted Golf Tour

This tour of the North Island will take you across some of the best gold courses in NZ.
Before heading to Te Arai Links, you start in Auckland to experience the South and North courses. After this, you’ll travel to the Bay of Islands, Hawke’s Bay, and various other popular golf spots. Once everything is ticked off, the tour will conclude with a stunning dinner at one of the region’s top-ranking restaurants. It’s everything and more that a golf tour should be.

2.North Island Swing

The North Island Swing is a different golf tour, but it has some similarities. Overall, the tour is six days long, starting at Titirangi and ending at Cape Kidnapper. This tour also features 4-star accommodation, so you’re going to be living in close to luxury.

3.South Island Highlights

The South Island Highlights tour is perfect for golf players who want to soak in the beautiful scenery of NZ while touring the different courses.
You’ll get to enjoy the tour for a total of 7 days and will go across the best regions on South Island, from Christchurch to Queenstown. The highlight of this particular tour is when you get to play at Clearwater Resort, which is arguably one of the best that NZ has to offer.

What Can You Do in New Zealand?

Aside from going on golf tours, New Zealand offers plenty of entertainment for visitors. Some fun examples include:

Casino gambling

New Zealand has six casinos in total, and they’re all extremely popular. The casinos are spread across Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton, Dunedin, and Queenstown, so there are plenty of choices available. But if NZ land-based casinos don’t appeal to you, then you can play Spin Casino games online. There are 550+ games to choose from at Spin Casino, and you can play any of them when you’re taking a break during your golf holiday. All you need is a smartphone, an internet connection, and a Spin Casino account — it’s that easy.


It’s very common for people to go skiing in the mountains in NZ. Even if you have little to no previous skiing experience, you can quickly get the hang of things and have the time of your life out on the mountain slopes.


If the thought of skiing is a little too scary for you, don’t worry. Instead, go hiking across some of NZ’s best hiking trails. Remember to pack your best pair of hiking boots, though, because you’re going to need them.

Choose your golf tour wisely and make sure it fits around your budget. Also, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to some new golf clubs so that you can play your best golf out there. Enjoy!