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Physical limitations & the golf swing

Most recreational and club golfers don't realise the impact that physical limitations have on their golf swing. Two common forms of physical limitation are a loss of mobility (losing the ability to rotate through the spine or hip joints for example) and a loss of stability (losing strength through major muscle groups such as the gluteals which help stabilise the pelvis as we rotate for example).

In general, men lack mobility and ladies lack stability and there are direct correlations between physical limitations and patterns of movement we see in the golf swing. For example, if you have lost mobility through the spine you may struggle to maintain your posture, sway or slide your hips, or have a reverse spine as you swing the club as your body find a way to compensate for the lack of range. If you have lost stability in your glutes, you may have the same set of faults as the entire pelvis may move around due to the lack of muscular strength to stabilise it as the body loads and rotates.

The good news is that physical limitations can be improved with a little work. A Medical Professional, Fitness Trainer or TPI Certified Instructor can assess and provide a simple corrective program that will help you to recover physical function. Your local On Course Golf Professional will help you make use of your recovered physical abilities, or help you to work around your limitations whilst you are working on improving them. 

Check out these strengthening and mobility exercises that you can try at home!

Leg Lowers

side leg raise

knee chest

bird dog

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