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The History of: Mexico Open at Vidanta

The Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Golf Resort is home to the Mexican Open and features some of the best golf in the world. Found on the Pacific coast of Mexico inside the resort, the Norman Signature Course is undoubtedly Mexico's most famous golf course, and that's for a reason. Designed by golf veteran Greg Norman, this course offers a great challenge even for the best golfers, while simultaneously making every hole a treat with stunning views of the Pacific and the beautiful surroundings. Whether you're looking to find out if this will be your next golf trip, or just want to learn more about the host of the upcoming Open, this article has got you covered.

What Is the Course Like?

The Mexico Open is Mexico's national championship and dates back to 1944, and it will now appear for the first time as a PGA Tour event according to this golf research website. It's a FedExCup event, giving the winner 500 FedExCup points and a staggering $7.3 million. The Mexico Open will host 144 players over four days, with four players minimum from Latin America, and will be played on the resort's Greg Norman Signature Course.
For a course to be able to host a major, it needs to be in stellar condition - something the Greg Norman Signature Course certainly is. The course is completely covered in paspalum grass, which plays a big part in how this course looks and operates.
Firstly, let's talk about aesthetics. It isn't easy to find grass more beautiful than paspalum, especially if it's properly maintained. It's known for its striped look in the fairway, and the grass has a fine leaf texture and a blue and green color.
Paspalum is also known for its possible super-high green speeds, which is a must for tournament play. The grass also has an upright growth, making the golf ball sit up in fairways and roughs. This often causes "flier" lies, where the ball carries further than expected and has a lower spin, making it harder to stick the greens.
Because it's a Greg Norman course, there are a lot of bunkers. There are also many hidden breaks in the greens, which, combined with the fast speeds, create conditions even the pros find difficult. Carries are generally long, but the fairways are very fast.


Who Designed the Mexico Open Course?

Perhaps the most critical aspect of a golf course is the design. The design of a course is primarily done by the designer, which in this case is the world-famous Greg Norman. His 25-year career as a golf professional was nothing short of spectacular, winning two majors and countless PGA and European Tour events.
Norman's extraordinary career catalyzed his interest in golf course design, and eventually led to him deciding to design courses himself. As of today, he's designed over 100 courses in 34 countries, making him one of the most established course designers in the game. Norman takes great pride in being a part of every part of the design process, from walking the virgin site, to the planning and construction, and eventually grand opening.
Norman-designed courses tend to be some of the most difficult out there, with his tedious bunker complexes being some of the worst there are. Another thing that usually sticks out is oblong greens that might not seem that hard, but have lots of hidden breaks. Forced carries and blind shots are also common on a Norman course.

Where Is the Course Located?

Located on Mexico's Pacific coast, the Greg Norman Signature Course is the crown jewel of the Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort - the biggest golf resort in Mexico. It's situated inside the jungle and right by the beach, which, combined with the mountains in the back, creates stunning pictures.
But the Greg Norman Course isn't the only one. The Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort stretches over a massive 2,500 acres, and offers 46 individual holes. Jack Nicklaus designed the "Nayar" course, which is slightly less glamorous but cheaper than the Norman.
There are plenty of things to do outside of the course when you're done golfing. There's a mile of beachfront and over 30 pools to relax by, and there are many dining options with more than 35 bars and restaurants.


Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is a golf resort in a class of its own. The Greg Norman Signature Course is perhaps the best in all of Mexico, and that's why the Mexico Open is hosted there. The team at TellMeMoreGolf thanks you for reading this article, and hopes that you now know a bit more about the host of the Mexico Open.

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