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The Best Golf Resorts with Casinos across the world

There’s not much more relaxing than a fun weekend, or if you get the chance a week of golfing. However, if you can add a top class casino to the mix then you just might be talking about the perfect getaway. That’s exactly why there are so many fantastic golf resorts out there that offer the added bonus of a casino. We’ve taken a look at the best golf and casino resorts across the globe. If you’re planning your perfect trip then take a look at our list to help you choose the right place to visit.

Fortune Bay Resort Casino

Fortune Bay Resort is located in Minnesota. It’s very close to the Lake Vermillion Indian Reservation and as such it’s no surprise that it has a fantastic casino available to visitors. This has some of the most incredible scenery imaginable on offer, if you want to wake up to the most incredible views then this is the resort for you. However, it offers much more than just breathtaking sights. The Fortune Bay Resort Casino is one of the most action packed sites around. You can play at the golf course at this resort, which is located right next to Lake Vermillion. If this wasn’t enough it is fully stocked with a top class restaurant, a pro golfing shop, GPS enabled golf carts and a full practice area. This is everything you could want from a golf course. Of course, the casino floor is very well stocked also. Here players can easily enjoy some of the 800 different video machines that are on offer. This includes video slots, video poker and keno. No matter what you want to try out, it's available at Fortune Bay. There are also Blackjack and Poker rooms if you prefer a more traditional casino experience. The Fortune Bay Resort also has everything from snow mobile rides in the winter to live music as entertainment. You won’t be expected to sleep in poor quality rooms either. The lodgings are top of the line and make sure to provide visitors with luxury. If you’re a US resident, or just someone who has access to an RV, then you can also drive your way to Fortune Bay and park up in the RV park. This is overall one of the top golf and casino resorts in the world. It offers absolutely everything anyone could want.

Fallsview Casino Resort

This holds the honour of being the most expensive investment ever made by the Ontario Government in Niagara. Fallsview Casino Resort cost a total of $1 billion and has been built to give visitors a fantastic view of the American and Horseshoe falls. While this resort doesn’t have a golf course on site, it makes up for this due to what’s available just a short drive away. Before we mention that though, let’s take a look at what the resort offers. For casino players there are some of the most impressive game choices around here. More than 3,000 different video slots can be enjoyed at Fallsview Casino Resort. Added to this are plenty of different table games, making sure that this is a fully authentic casino experience. You can also enjoy a number of different bars and restaurants, so your every need is catered for. Of course, it’s not just the casino floor that offers luxury to visitors though. The Fallsview Casino Resort also has a full shopping complex, almost 400 luxury rooms, a spa and a theatre. This is the perfect vacation destination making sure that visitors have everything available to them. On top of this, just a short distance away visitors can enjoy a range of golf courses to play at. There are actually 45 different golf courses within driving distance of Fallsview. So no matter how long you’re staying, there’s more than enough choice available here to keep you interested.

Caesar’s Palace

This is a venue that needs no introduction. Located in Las Vegas, Caesar’s Palace is one of the most iconic casino resorts in the world. However, what’s often forgotten about what this venue offers to visitors is that it has a fantastic golf course available to play at as well. The casino has everything that you could want. An incredible selection of games, fantastic dining, wonderful entertainment and some of the best rooms on the market. If you’re looking for a casino then Caesar’s Palace needs no introduction. You’ll be able to enjoy every aspect of this amazing resort when staying here. Of course, golf fanatics don’t have to feel left out though. The golf course is one of the newer courses around, with it having opened in 2000. However, it has managed to quickly build a reputation as one of the very best designs there is. Everything about this course is designed to be top class. While it isn’t cheap to play at, it certainly won’t let you down if you choose to play here.

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