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Best Golf Players of All Time from Australia and New Zealand

Some people look at golf and see a boring game without too much action and adrenaline. But the real ones know that this is an extremely complicated and elegant game reserved for classy, smart, and cunning minds. In this small study, we’ll explore the game and look at all the most famous icons of the sport from the two most prolific nations, Australia and New Zealand.

The Popularity of Golf 

Clearly, golf is popular in Australia and New Zealand, but just how beloved is it? Let’s look at some numbers. In Australia, there are more than 1,500 professional and amateur golf courses, and golf club memberships in the country go over 450,000, despite a recent decline in numbers. On the other hand, New Zealand might have fewer golf courses (around 400), but the course per capita rate is the second in the world. Both countries have a golf scene fueled by the success of local players on the global stage. 

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Betting on Golf in Australia and New Zealand

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1. Greg Norman (Australia)

Now, let’s look at some of the biggest golf stars in the region, starting with Greg Norman from Australia. Nicknamed “The Great White Shark”, Norman’s career has been just as aggressive and impressive as its namesake. He had great success during the 1980s and 1990s when he won major championships and reached world No.1, which he held for a remarkable 331 weeks. His great personality and winning spirit matched his impressions on the course, and after retiring from golfing, he continued to stay in the industry as a golf course designer. 

2. Adam Scott (Australia)

Many players and fans remember Adam Scott for his elegant and powerful swing. In 2013, Scott reached his peak when he won the prestigious Masters Tournament. His international success allowed him to do something he loved - play golf and promote the sport - which made him a highly respected figure in the industry. 

3. Jason Day (Australia)

Here’s another Aussie, this time from Queensland. Jason Day is one of the biggest names in golf, especially when you combine his talent and resilience. His breakthrough came in 2015 after winning the PGA Championship, which shows his amazing performance under pressure. Recognizable for his aggressive playing style, Day’s story is filled with skill and determination, which earned him a spot among Australia's golf elite. 

4. Sir Bob Charles (New Zealand)

Anyone who loves golf in Australasia knows the name Bob Charles. This New Zealand icon is a true giant of the sport. In 1963, he won the Open Championship, becoming the first leftie to win a major title. His swings were smooth, and his putting skills were second to none. This combination of style and technique made him a fantastic role model for younger players as well as a difficult opponent for those who had the honor to compete with him. Sir Bob Charles is a true inspiration to New Zealand golfers and left-handed players around the world. 

5. Lydia Ko (New Zealand)

Prodigies are not born often, but when they do, they leave a huge mark in history. Such is the story of Lydia Ko, a New Zealand golf miracle. After becoming number 1 at just 17 (the youngest player to do so), she continued her dominance in amateur and later professional golf. She won multiple LPGA Tours and two major championships, which makes her one of the greatest of all time. And being that she is only 26 (in 2023), Ko will continue to inspire young girls and turn them into pro golfers for years to come. 

The golfing scene in Australia and New Zealand has produced not only many amazing pro players but awakened the love of this noble sport in hundreds of thousands of Aussie and Kiwi people. The players mentioned above will certainly stay cemented in history as national legends and serve as inspiration for aspiring players all over the world.