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The Best Malta Golf Courses and How to Get Access to Them

Those who enjoy quality vacations are looking for opportunities to improve their experience. Green golf courses meet this goal. The sports grounds combine sports excitement and the beauty of nature, so the number of people who want to spend their free time here is growing.

It is easy to enjoy your stay on the best golf courses. Malta hospitably welcomes visitors who plan to take their minds off their worries. In order to have easy access to the desired vacation, you need to overcome a short path - citizenship by investment. Thanks to the simplified procedure, access to the elite course will not be accompanied by inconveniences.

Golfing in Malta for Wealthy Persons

The island attracts foreigners for many reasons, and the opportunity to play on exclusive courses is one of them. The country perfectly combines history and modernity, culture and sports, comfort and chic. It's worth paying attention to the vacation among the greenery, as it is offered here:

  1. Membership in the Royal Club. Golfers take part in special Tournaments and join the ranks of those who demonstrate their game on large fields. There is everything you need for outdoor recreation, and membership only completes the picture.
  2. Inclusive environment. Among the players at Malta golf courses, you can see beginners who are learning the game. There are also many professionals here who are happy to share their experience with those who are interested. For the first achievements in the world of sports, communication with players of different levels is provided.
  3. Modern infrastructure. It is easy to buy the necessary equipment for the game. There are many local shops for this purpose. A personalized approach to equipment selection is complemented by a variety of restaurants and comfortable hotels.

Golfers who visit specialized venues get more than just golf lessons. They have access to modern recreation areas and exclusive services.

Luxury Golf Apartments: Features and Selection

Local hotels offer the best conditions for staying on the island. Many of them offer to purchase real estate to participate in the fastest citizenship programs, and you can evaluate the benefits based on your own experience. When choosing an apartment, you should consider options according to the following requirements:

  1. Room features. For a comfortable stay, you need to find out about the available space. There is no problem with this: Malta hotels have rooms for one and the whole family.
  2. Service. After checking in and sports activities, you need to have several restaurant options at hand. Hotels have restaurants with different cuisines to choose from, as well as comfortable bars.
  3. Additional services. You can relax after a busy day at the spa resorts, swimming pool, and modern gym. The services provided are indicated in the description of the offers, and a wide selection will help you plan your vacation at your own discretion.

Information about services and conditions of stay is available by phone or on the website. It is worth learning more about your choice before booking to get the desired service. At the same time, the presence of a green golf course with coaches allows you to use the service with special convenience.

Membership Options for Exclusive Access

To get a new experience at one of the best golf areas in Malta, you can rely on the benefits of Clubs membership. The list of options is diverse, so there are no difficulties with the selection. Foreigners visiting the island for the first time are offered the following:

  • The Royal Malta Golf Club: an 18-hole course with a unique layout for Handicap attracts players, and for more pleasure, the course is located in a picturesque nature;
  • Ta' Qali Golf Course: a calm game is offered to the members of this club, and the combination of nature and developed infrastructure allows you to get an incredible experience;
  • City Golf Course, Valletta: the course, which is located inside the modern city, will satisfy the needs of beginners and pros and will not prevent you from gaining new experience in the game.

Exclusive access to the best Greens is an advantage that attracts foreigners. You can get new experiences and enjoy modern service only here. Club members are provided with the best conditions and services of Caddies, which make an unforgettable experience during and after the game.

Beyond Golf: Exploring Malta Nationality Benefits

Foreigners who visit local golf clubs near Fairways are thinking about the possibility of spending much more time here. Fortunately, the country is ready to meet this need and offers a unique investment program. To participate, you can choose one of the following options: buying real estate, renting, and contributing to the development of the economy.

However, the island manages to attract investors not only with landscapes and golf. In addition, locals and foreigners with citizenship enjoy;

  • high-quality medical care and a developed education system;
  • easy travel to Schengen countries;
  • low cost of living and rental housing;
  • new opportunities for business development;
  • favorable taxation system.

The requirements for investors are simple. They include making an investment, obtaining health certificates, and ways to accumulate capital. The processing of foreigners' applications does not take much time, and the opportunity to receive assistance at all stages allows for naturalization in a short time.

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