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The continuing saga of John Daly

Although the sport of golf is sometimes thought to be a relatively sober and straight-laced game, there have always been a few characters around who show more than a little will to shake things up.

 And few golfers have shown as much enthusiasm for doing this as the American golf ace John Daly.

So whether it's his extreme fashion sense, his daredevil casino exploits, or even just his fondness for inebriation, here's a look at how John Daly has kept the golfing world entertained over the past few years.

Daly first leapt to attention thanks to his breakthrough performance in the 1991 PGA Championship. Despite being virtually unknown amongst his competitors, the power hitter played his way to a phenomenal victory and immediately gained a huge fanbase by doing so.

Other key wins included his 1995 Open Championship victory at St Andrews in Scotland, but despite such successes, it's been Daly's personality that has kept him on the outside of the golfing establishment.

This can be seen in a variety of incidents on the golf course that have included him driving three golf balls into the Pacific Ocean in the 2000 US Open, breaking a spectator's camera in the 2008 Australian Open, and even throwing his 6-iron into Lake Michigan last year.

Such exploits have earned him the wrath of many golfing authorities, but that hasn't stopped Daly from enjoying a little sport elsewhere. This was revealed in his autobiography where Daly reportedly lost over $1 million on a slot machine in Las Vegas in 2005, as well as over $50 million over the course of his career.

Daly's unpredictable character would have definitely stopped him from appearing alongside these renowned players on Lucky Nugget Casino's list of top gamblers, and despite the site offering gamers such as Daly a chance to play a huge range of casino games from the convenience of their smartphones, Daly's not been shy of finding some even more elaborate entertainment elsewhere.

Key amongst these has been his surprisingly enjoyable country music career that has seen him performing alongside the likes of Kid Rock and Hootie and the Blowfish. And the outlaw world of country music has also allowed the power golfer to follow his other favourite pursuits; smoking and drinking alcohol.

But in recent years, it seems that Daly might be showing a few signs of maturity. Along with remorse over some spectacularly failed marriages and his alcoholic tendencies, Daly's latest venture is a chain of steakhouses that should hopefully give him the strength and drive to stay away from the casinos and return to the golf course and display his unpredictable yet unmistakable golfing genius.