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The Price of a Golf Day?


First you make the decision to hold a golf day and then you think about the cost. A typical corporate golf day can vary from the inexpensive to the outrageously expensive depending on a multitude of factors.

Green Fees, Lunch, Dinner, Alcohol, On-course refreshments, showbags, prizes, player gifts, transportation, external professional, after dinner speaker…..the list goes on and on.

A golf day can be broken up into 3 main areas in terms of cost Required, Optional, Memorable. Each of these areas is explained below.


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Required Costs (NOTE: this article was written some time ago so prices will have increased)

These costs must be incurred when organising a golf day. They range from the golf club charges through to areas such as prizes awarded on the day.

Green Fees can fluctuate wildly from $20 to $120 per head
Catering depends on the extent of the menu, from light lunch, to two/three course lunch to dinner to even a BBQ. Range of pricing from $20 to $45 per head.
Drinks (almost always charged on consumption) allow between $10 and $25 per head depending on the venue and whether the event is morning or afternoon.
Invitations mailed out invitations can be on company letterhead at one level or could be a specially designed invitation just for the day. These costs will vary widely from $1 to $6 per head.
Practice golf balls/ Hire buggies used by your guests during the round and before the game. Estimated cost of $2 to $6 per head.
Refreshments during the round you can make the guest pay for them on course but this is not a very good idea. Allow between $4 to $6 per head.
Prizes and Trophies The winners should get something for their efforts. Again costs will vary widely depending on what is chosen however organisers should always be aware of the Australian Golf Union Prize limit for amateurs of $425 per person.
Miscellaneous telephone, postage, photocopying

Optional Costs

So you have a bit more money to spend. Well you can spend it in any one of a number of ways. Why not try some of the following

Logoed Golf Balls are almost a staple of every golf day. Usually given to each player at registration they cost between $3 and $6 per ball depending on the quality chosen.
External Event Management employ an expert to organise your golf day. With their experience they can often do things better than an internal company person. The cost often offsets the opportunity cost of using your own staff.
Tee and Ball Marker Pack comprises a number of plastic ball markers and tees in a package of some kind. Priced from $4 upwards depending on the contents.
Photographer every group can have a photo taken on the 1st tee. This is then taken away with them after the day in a folder with your company logo on it. Priced from $8 per head.
Pre Game Reminder Cards sent out about 10 days before the event reminding the attendees of the details of the day. Can be as simple as a letter/fax through to a customised card. Vary from $1 to $6 per head.
Put your golf day online feature your golf day (from start to finish) on the World Wide Web. Includes pre game information featuring course photos, tips on how to play each hole, directions to the course, weather forecasts and timing details. After the game full competition results, photos of the day and funny stories are shown. Priced at $299.
Golf Professional/ After Dinner Speaker how long is a piece of string will determine the cost here. Golf professionals start from $200 for a couple of hours clinic right up to $5,000 for a good after dinner speaker.

Memorable Costs

At the top end of the scale are a number of ideas to really leave an impression with your clients. Sure they cost a bit more but when you consider the permanent impact they can have on your guests you will see they are worth the investment.

Participant gift can be given out at registration or at the evening dinner. Can greatly vary in cost from $20 up to $50 per person.
After game present can be sent with a thank you letter to the invited guest. Similar to above in cost.
Thank you cards - mailed out after the day. Could be on company letterhead at one level or could be a specially designed invitation just for the day. These costs will vary from $1 to $6 per head.

Opportunity Costs

In addition to the three levels of costs identified above there is, however, a fourth area which is often neglected by companies but one which has a true cost Opportunity Cost.

Opportunity Cost refers to the actual cost of involving your own staff in the organising process. In another article we discuss the actual opportunity cost of using internal staff. You will be surprised at just how high a cost it is to organise a day internally.