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7 popular golf destinations around the world

If you’re a huge fan of golf but haven’t yet explored anywhere other than your local golf course, this read might be for you. Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and is played in over 200 countries worldwide. The sport is great for so many reasons and especially for those people who like individual sports. If you too have got yourself interested and want to know more, please keep reading.

7 popular

In Australia, golf has been played for almost 200 years and dates back to 1839. It is the most popular sport in the country in terms of club sports. There are around 1500 golf courses many of them found in New South Wales and Victoria. It is possible to find golf courses in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, and Northern Territory. The best is found in Melbourne, Victoria.

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Scotland – St. Andrews

Even though Crikeyslots might have caught your attention, learning about this amazing golf destination is quite interesting too.
St. Andrews in Scotland is very special, as it is the birthplace of the game. It’s an ancient golf course, which dates back to the 1400s and is an absolute gem in terms of golf destinations. The Old Course St. Andrews is located in a beautiful setting.

California, US - Pebble Beach

If you’re looking for a stunning golf course with sea views, Pebble Beach California is the place to go. Not only does the golf course rank as the best one in the US, both the course and nearby surroundings offer breathtaking views, making it a top-quality golf destination.

Melbourne, Australia - Australian Sandbelt

If you want to experience one of the top-rated golf destinations, you don’t have to travel abroad. The Australian Sandbelt is where you’ll find ‘The Royal Melbourne Golf Club’ which hosts many of the greatest golf events in the world.

New Zealand – North Island/South Island

There’s no doubt, that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and it’s also known for its stunning golf courses. New Zealand has a number of the most scenic and highly ranked layouts, including Kauri Cliffs and Cape Kidnappers. You can play golf in many places on both islands.

South Africa

Golf is widely played in South Africa and the country is famous for its golf courses too. The best golf courses include Durban, which has been home to many South African Opens, Fan Court, Humewood and St. Francis Links.

Hawaii – Kauai

In Hawaii, there are several islands/destinations with amazing golf courses. On the island of Kauai, which is the biggest of the four main islands for tourists, you will find the famed Makai Golf Club, which is located in gorgeous surroundings.

Spain – Costa del Sol

In Spain, golf is also a huge sport and there are many golf courses to choose from. The highest rated is Finca Cortesín Golf Club which is close to the sea availing a perfect back drop to the fairways and greens. Other great golf courses include La Reserva Club Soto Grande and La Zageleta.

Other great golf destinations

The aforementioned golf destinations and clubs are just a fraction of the amazing courses that are out there. Other popular destinations include Ireland, many more in the USA, Thailand as well as the Caribbean.

Biggest golf events in the world

If you’re just getting into golf, these are the biggest and most sort after golf events for golfing fans in the world:

  • The Masters
  • The Open Tournament
  • The U.S Open
  • The PGA Championship
  • The Players Championship

There is much information on all the great courses of the world to be online so start “surfing” or if you want to travel to a certain golf destination, it’s advised to see a specialist golf travel agent to help plan your holiday. Enjoy!

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