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Top Golf Video Games 2021

Video games are pretty much the in-thing amongst many people today. After the strict covid-19 regulations came into being, people sought all ways to keep busy while at home. Those who enjoy being outdoors so much, had a hard time, especially Golfers. Many establishments closed down, including golf clubs, and the fear of infection kept people away from the golf course even though golfing is the most accessible game to play that adheres to all set regulations. Therefore, game designers have come up with the best golf video games for golfing fans. You can purchase a console or log into the best True Blue casino no deposit bonuses sites to play and enjoy the sport online or at home.

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Best Golf Video Games

Despite the temporary lack of ability to visit some places for entertainment and playing golf, you can always enjoy your favourite game staying at home. Here is the list of the best golf online games:

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour
  • Links 2003
  • Golden Tee 2013
  • Mario Golf
  • Cyber Tiger

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour has been rated first amongst all online video golfing games and the production game series by IGN. The video game by EA Sports, according to IGN, provides the most surprising yet worthy new additions and upgrades from the previous 2003 version. Players get a chance to either become one of the pros in the PGA Tour mode or play against the pros, dress as an avatar, or enjoy a 52-week golf PGA tour mode. The game provides players with licensed golfing equipment, including ping punters and Titleist balls. Also, the latest Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 digitized the swing control, added Gary McCord and John Dally to the video game, and introduced an event calendar in real-time to match your activities when playing.
The golf video game is also the source of today's simulation for the sport. Many people consider simulation as the only way to hit virtual game links. "Playing the game allows you to overcome the Tiger Challenge by battling your way through various regions with pro-PGA golfers and fantasy golfers," according to IGN. If not doing anything, engage in a solo game with the Tiger Woods PGA Tour as a single game can last 10 hours or more.

Links 2003

The Links 2003 does not have the glamour or a smooth user interface similar to the Tiger Woods PGA Tour. But, it does have a unique fan following and draws many video game players who love golfing and video games. The game is more famous for its pinpoint controls that it sports and the unique land designs employed to help you identify the layout of the land. The game by Microsoft Game Studios is one of its kind and the last ever designed for use on your personal computer. The game's pinpoint control system and matchmaking systems are the best designs for a golf video game.
The Links 2003 is more of a simulator for the golf course when it comes to its gameplay which does not deliver the desirable gaming experience. Players want to feel the arcade or the sim-hybrid gaming experience when playing the game. However, the Arnold Palmer Course Designer is still working hard to keep the game on the shelves and interests of many video game players.

Golden Tee 2013

The Golden Tee 2013 initial launch was in 1989 as an arcade game where an individual was required to insert a coin to play the game and the players could not play on the Golden Tee arcade game without inserting a coin. The incredible Technologies initially designed the game for arcade game studios. However, its popularity hit the roof, and the producers wanted to design a more up-to-date game with the current advanced technologies and thus, the birth of Golden Tee 2013. Today, its user interface on the video game version is one of the best.|
Golden Tee 2013 has the best gaming console. The trackball control system rivals that of other popular games, including Links 2003. According to Norsecorp, an online video game review site, the overall rating for the game is that the game can aid a player in training for the actual or physical golf game. The controls are simple to use, which is refreshing, making it easy to roll the ball back, push it forward with a bout of speed when controlling the virtual driver at hand.

Mario Golf

What is iconic about this specific video game is "Mario." Everything Mario does is an exciting learning session and definitely, fun and entertaining. In this golf game, gamers should expect the most advanced interactive platform and game features. These range from great camera angles, allowing easier visibility on the progress of your golf ball; you can track the velocity and look at the comprehensive readings on the screen. The video game follows individual gamer's settings giving the player autonomy and game convenience before playing the game itself. Also, you can enter any of the in-built tournaments to play golf.
Mario is unique as it offers players a golfing course accompanying the video game. The courses provide you with ample information on playing the sport and update your current skills depending on the game version. You can use the tips on the course to have fun while playing. Also, some of the tricks on video games are applicable on the physical golf course. One of the players states, "Once you play Mario Golf, you will play real golf with the same attitude."

Cyber Tiger

If looking for entertainment, fun, and something to motivate you on a gloomy day, you should consider purchasing the Cyber Tiger. The game provides ample explanations on the career of a professional golfer. Rumours have it that these are tips from Tiger Woods himself incorporated into the game. However, one has to unlock the career mode first before getting access to the championships, which provides an excellent learning experience. The game platform enjoys arcade games, has quality gaming console features, and employs the best PGA interfaces. Cyber Tiger has some of the best features prominent to any game, including an editor for the player. You also get power boost shots as rewards and the best animation quality. Even though the designer for Cyber Tiger is the same as the Tiger Woods PGA Tour


The above golf video games are not for use on the same platform but on varying platforms. It gives the gamer a unique and different experience. Plus, the personalized features, quality game technology used, and the tournaments provide a real challenge and a chance to learn more about golf for newbies. Video games employ professional golfers in the virtual gaming world. Any challenge the players might meet in a physical golf course is similar to those you meet on the virtual course. Therefore, the above games are some of the best golf video games you will find in 2021.