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Tips to become a better golf player

Looking to become a better golf player? Here are some tips for you!












Relax properly

Your mental well-being and mind-set is as important as any other factor in your quest to become a better golf player. Always relax properly after training sessions by seeing a movie, going on a hike or playing some simple games like bingo. Here is a list of sites with beginner friendly bingo games. Taking your mind off golf after training or competition allows you to mentally recharge and approach the next session in a better frame of mind.

Ensure proper alignment

For amateurs, one of the most common mistakes on the golf course is improper alignment. Some golfers try to align their feet to the target while others try to align everything at the target. This is a wrong approach. Proper alignment involves assessment of your target from behind the ball. This will ensure you have a good view of the hole and properly aim and steer the ball to where you want it to go.

Use the right club

Many newbies make the mistake of settling for a club to use based on distance. This means they use longer clubs for longer holes and shorter clubs for shorter holes. However this shouldn’t be the case. Considerations that should determine the right club to use include, wind, hazards, natural shot tendencies, the type of approach shot to deploy and possible impediments around landing areas. You also need to have the right club setup.

Ensure good grip always

The best players ensure they have a very solid grip at all times. To ensure a solid start, grip the club with your gloved hand and focus on the placement of the handle in the fingers between the first knuckle and your palm.

Don’t fight the wind

Many golf amateurs dread playing in the wind. However, the best players understand the fact that they can embrace the wind and use it to their advantage. The best players know that how the wind blows can change the outcome of a shot regardless of whether it is a draw or fade. The key is in making adjustments that will allow the wind work for you instead of fighting it.

Hit good bunker shots

One of the biggest fears of amateur golfers on the course is hitting a sand shot. However, for good players, the technique behind hitting good bunker shots isn’t rocket science. The main fundamentals to follow are hitting down and behind the ball as well as allowing the sand to lift the ball.

Don’t overlook Chipping

Chipping is overlooked too often. This may be because it is not really a glamorous shot to hit but this doesn’t affect its importance in any way. With a great chip, it is a easier to make or break par than any kind of putt.

With these tips, you can slowly but surely increase your abilities on the golf course.