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Rory McIIroy

Rory McIlroy has won 4 major titles and he led Europe to a victory in the Ryder Cup 3 times in a row, but will he manage to complete a career Grand Slam?

Rory McIlroy is one of the leading golfers in the world today. He was top of the world and led the Official World Golf Ranking for 95 weeks cumulatively since 2012 until 2015. But not only is Rors probably the most successful golfer in recent years, he is also one of the very few players who managed to win 3 major trophies by 25, alongside the legendary Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. It may seem like golf is all about having a lucky day. But it’s actually nothing like that. If you’re feeling lucky, you should visit an online casino, so here’s NetEnt's #1 Guide | Golf, on the other hand, or to be successful in golf, to be more precise, requires a combination of a lot of hard work, many years of training and a natural talent.

rory mcilroy

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, they say and that is certainly true of Rory McIlroy, whose father Gerry was also a golfer, but more importantly was working several jobs just to manage to just to enable Rory to keep training golf at the local Holywood Golf Club. The achievements of McIlroy are numerous, for example he broke two career earnings records- he managed to become the youngest golfer ever to earn €10 million on the European Tour, and the next year, in 2012, when he was 23 years old he broke another earning record and earned $10 million on the PGA Tour. In 2015 he was one of the highest paid athletes in the world.

Can he complete a career Grand Slam?

McIlroy has 19 professional wins, but the 4 majors are of course his most important achievements so far. He also won the World Golf Championship twice and Race to Dubai finals series, also twice. In the past 3 Ryder Cups he led the European team to victory. Rory has also won The Honda Classic, BMW PGA Championship and several other competitions.

While there’s no doubt that his achievements so far are sufficient to list him as one of the best golfers, perhaps of all times, McIlroy is now ahead of the greatest challenge for any golfer. Namely, he will try and become the 6th player in history to win the four major title and thus complete a career Grand Slam.

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People like veteran Tom Watson rushed to give McIlroy support. Watson said that he believes that Rory is definitely up for the challenge due to his amazing talent and the ability to hit the ball high which is crucial for Augusta National. However, the Masters Tournament is the only major that McIlroy hasn’t won yet. McIlroy reportedly changed his practice routine this year, following last year’s unsuccessful attempt. If he succeeds, McIlroy will be only the second non-American to complete a career Grand Slam and also the first European to do so. And who knows, maybe in the future he will follow Nicklaus’s and Woods’ footsteps and manage to complete a career Grand Slam multiple times. Those two managed to complete a Grand Slam 3 times each. Judging by McIlroy’s previous achievements and his relatively young age, he may be able to pull it off.