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What are the Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia to Bet On?

People in Australia love sports. They enjoy going to the games, watching them on television, even placing bets. There is a passion for sports in the country that few others across the globe can match. While there are many fan favorites in Australia, there are a group that are far more popular than others. These sports dominate the interests of fans and have helped to become the top 10 sports in Australia.

Getting in on the Games
While Australians love to play and watch sports, they also like to place a wager on them. Wagering on sporting events has become a very popular tradition in the country. Some know the best betting sites Australia has to offer, but for those who do not you can get a detailed overview here. This gives you a detailed list of the safest companies and their products, so that you can learn about things like welcome bonuses, sports offered, and payouts. All this can help you to find the fairest and legal Australian sportsbooks.

Here is a list with top 10 sports, most popular in Australia:


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Golf is huge in Australia. You can see from this map that Australia offers incredible golf courses from across the country. For visitors, many of the very best golf courses are located in hotspots for tourists to visit. At the best hotels and bed and breakfasts one can find spectacular golfing.
This is not just for tourists, however. People love to play golf in Australia, and they like to place bets on them as well.

 (referred to as Soccer in Australia) is the most popular sport on the planet, so why wouldn’t it be just as popular in Australia? Most betting sites in Australia take wagers on every professional league and major amateur event going on in the world. It does not matter whether fans want to follow the English Premier League, place a bet on Chinese football, or on events going on in Africa. Even all of the contests leading up to and during the World Cup are covered.
Australians love football. They love to go out and watch the professional leagues in the country and participate in the sport themselves. There is truly nothing like getting out on the pitch.

American Football
Football comes in a variety of ways, and Australians seem to love it all. This includes American football. The offers include action on all of the NFL and college football games in the United States. Plus, they cover Canadian football and some lesser leagues in countries like Finland and Denmark.
There are even a few teams battling it out on the gridiron in Australia. However, most diehard fans are watching games in America.

Australian Rules Football
It is the brand of football that was created by Australians, so it is not surprising that Australian rules football is extremely popular. The rules may be a little confusing for not Australians, but this sport really started to take off when ESPN began to cover it back in the early 80s. The sports network had few live events to cover, and so Australia’s brand of football became a big hit.


That has helped the league to grow internationally. It has also helped to spur wagers on these events, and the sportbookies provide users the opportunity to place bets on these events. A word of caution however before you get in on the action. If you do not know much about the rules of this game, then you should spend some time learning before visiting one of the betting sites in Australia has to offer. This is a rather intricate game, and it pays to be knowledgeable.

While not exactly football, rugby was the sport from which American football was founded. It is also a very popular sporting event in Australia. Tens of thousands play the sport in school or at the University, and there are major professional leagues across the country.
It is also a very popular sport across the globe. This is especially true in Europe, where countries like the United Kingdom have some of the best rugby players the world has to offer. This is why top betting sites include rugby as an option.

Cricket is huge in Australia. The top betting sites take millions of dollars in wagers every year on these events. Many offers ensure that users can bet on local and international events, this includes major international tournaments, as well as leagues in countries like India, and Pakistan. Cricket is also extremely popular across Africa and is finding its way into the United States as well.


America’s pastime is a big hit in the Land Down Under. One of the major advantages that Australia has to offer is that summer is occurring when it is winter in North America. This allows the Australian professional league to bring some of the top talent to compete without any conflict. It is taken some time, but baseball is becoming one of the most popular sports in Australia. Many native Australians are even finding their way into Major League organizations.
Betting on the sport is also extremely popular. Users can place wagers on events occurring in Australia, South Korea, Japan, the United States or Canada, and in any of the other winter leagues, such as in the Dominican, Venezuela, South Africa, among others.

When one of the biggest international tennis events occurs in your country, it says something about how rabid fans are about the sport. This is the case for tennis, where the Australian Open is one of the four major Grand Slam events held each year.
Millions of people in Australia play tennis each year. It is a great game, and there are outstanding tennis facilities across the country. With the excitement the sport has generated, it is not surprising that some of the most well-known professionals in history come from Australia.

Basketball has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few decades. While the sport has been around in the country for over a century, it is only in the last 30 years that it has risen to such prominence. It is estimated that over 1 million people play basketball in Australia where the NBA is one of the most popular sporting leagues watched in the country. Australia has a national basketball team that is quite good and there is a domestic basketball league as well.

Motor Sports
Motor sports
are enjoyed in a variety of ways. Fans love motorcycle, stock-car, and Indy Car races. This is a country that finds enjoyment in all levels of motorsports, drawing millions of dollars in wagers placed each year. The country has done a great job at promoting these events, which has helped to make it the fourth most well attended sport in the country.

No doubt that Australians love their sports. They enjoy watching them and participating. They love to place wagers and for those visiting the country, you can be sure you can get in on all the action.