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The Best Courses in Brisbane

Whether you want to become a professional golfer or you are looking for a new hobby, you can’t go wrong choosing to tee off at Brisbane’s best courses. Some of them are located close to the CBD while a few are nestled close to the beach.

Victoria Park Golf Course
Located two kilometers outside of Brisbane, Victoria Park is the best course to visit when around town. It’s a public course, meaning you can conveniently book to play without having to be a long-term member.
What’s more, there’s an 18-hole mini-golf course located in the perfect place to view Brisbane's skylines or to relax after a busy day. It’s also an excellent place to hold a wedding, a meeting or to have lunch with your friends and family.
But if you are strictly after enjoying golf, know that Victoria Park is a USGA rated course with lots of regular visitors. As such, be prepared for a challenge when you play against fellow golfers.

Pacific Harbour Golf Course
If you are looking for a course located close to the beach, consider checking out Pacific Harbour. Not only is it an award-winning golf course but it’s surrounded by beautiful beach views.
Some people say it’s a relatively difficult course because it's lined with small bushes, water hazards, and bunkers. As such, if you are just learning how to play the game, it might be a challenge.
If you are a straight shooter, Pacific Harbour is an excellent place to test your skills. It costs $70 - $90 a round and it’s recommended that you book at least three days ahead.

Carbrook Golf Club
Carbrook Golf Club is an established and growing club known for its friendliness towards beginner players. It’s also popular with youthful players and often hosts amateur tournaments for both kids and young adult alike.
As mentioned, people love the club staff, the quality of its course and its affordable fees. Precisely, green fees cost $30 on weekdays and $38 on the weekends. That’s a fair deal for an 18-hole course but beware that also means it can be crowded at times.

Pacific Golf Club
Located in Carindale, Pacific is designed to impress golfers of every skill level. That means beginners can play a round on the 9 hole Par 3 or more accomplished golfers can move over to the challenging 18 hole layout.
With an Australian Course Rating of 73, it's not surprising that legend golfers such as Greg Norman, Ian Finch, and Peter Senior have played at the club. The course is well maintained throughout the year and the staff members are friendly and welcoming.

Keperra Country Golf Club
Keperra is located close to the Tailor Range, about 11 kilometers from the CBD. It’s an established club first opened in 1931 and it’s a popular course.
Keperra also features conference rooms to hold events such as weddings. Surprisingly, the 27-hole golf course is quite affordable, charging $39 to $45 for a round.
If you are looking for a place to challenge your skills, the natural fairways are an excellent place to relax, especially if you love golf courses surrounded by trees and lots of vegetation.

The Brisbane Golf Club
Originally known as the Yeerongpilly Course, the Brisbane Golf Club has been around since 1904. It's been revamped multiple times, which explains its excellent conditions all-year-round.
It’s located about 30 minutes from the CBD and ranks amongst the top-rated courses in the city. With its lavish restaurants and great views, the Brisbane Golf Club is also an excellent place to relax and have fun with friends.

Royal Queensland Golf Club
As the name suggests, this is a members-only club. It's located a few kilometers from the Brisbane airport and is rated as one of the top five golf clubs in the city. What's more, it's nestled just below the famous Gateway Bridge, alongside the Brisbane River.
Unfortunately, it's not the cheapest golf course around. It costs over $200 for a round at the club both weekdays and during the weekends. The club has well-maintained greens and bunkers and the staff members are professionally trained.
If the price sounds a bit too much however, you’ll be happy to know there are about 20 golf courses nearby. The club is located in one of the best places for camping in Brisbane, so if you don’t want to spend your cash at the expensive club, you can spend your money camping near the Gateway Bridge.

Brookwater Golf and Country Club
Ranked as one of the most challenging courses in Australia, Brookwater is not for the faint of heart. In fact, the club is regularly challenged by some of the best golfers.
Because of its popularity, Brookwater can be crowded on the weekends. It’s affordable however, rounds as low as $55 midweek. There are restaurants close by so you can enjoy lunch if you’ve booked to play in the afternoon.
Being a challenging golf course means that most people you find at Brookwater are there to test themselves. As such, ensure you practice your skills before you book a game.

Indooroopilly Golf Club
Indooroopilly is known for its first-class services, whether you are after relaxation or golf. It’s located five minutes outside of Brisbane and has 36-holes which form two 18-hole or four 9-hole courses.
Indooroopilly has a long history that dates back to 1926 and it has hosted some of Brisbane’s best golf players over time. Its’ primary strength is its diverse layouts that be configured to suit players of all skill levels.
The company also takes pride in providing quality services. So, whether you want to try the food at the club restaurant or get help from the course staff, you can be sure you'll be assisted.

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