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Oakley sunglasses

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to win a pair of Oakley sunglasses.

As a wearer of contact lenses I find glare, wind, dust, sand and pollen are major problems on a golf course.

The first thing I noticed when I wore these lenses, by contrast with regular sunglasses, was that even on a fairly dull day there was no loss of visibility in the shadows. For a golfer this is essential for reading putts on undulating greens (or for searching for golf balls under the trees).

The ultra lightweight frames gripped the sides of my head snugly, and the wrap-around style protected me well from airborne particles.

The model frame on my pair is called a “Half Jacket” – Oakley have a bewildering array of frame styles – check out their website - and a huge range of lens colours. Mine were bronze, which Cameron Baranski, PR and Advertising Manager, Oakley South Pacific tells me is a great all-rounder. Interchangeable lenses are available to suit differing light conditions – but I wouldn’t bother.

The eyewear comes in a compact cloth pouch that doubles as a cleaner for the Plutonite lenses. This is the material Oakley use in all their lenses - it's virtually unbreakable so it has great applications for "sport specific" eyewear such as Half Jacket.

by ausgolf's Selwyn Berg