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The most widespread golf video games ever made

Even though golf may not seem like an obvious choice for a game to play, you would be wrong to think that it isn't a game that gamers would find appealing. There have been several successful titles that are dedicated to the sport, and many more that are more serious. One of the first instances of this is the MS-DOS game known as the Professional Golf Tour.


EA released the first version of the Professional Golf Tour in 1992. It was in existence for the Sega Genesis and Amiga in 1992, and later, it was ported to Nintendo's SNES. At the time, this was regarded as one of the best golf games ever made.
The success of the Professional Golf Tour led to a collaboration between the video game industry and the sport itself, which resulted in various titles being created based on the event.
One of the most important factors that made the games popular was their realism, as Augusta National wanted their course to look like a real golf course, and EA's studio was working on creating one. They had to follow strict guidelines regarding the appearance of Nike's clothes.
In 2013, EA ended its partnership with Tiger Woods. The company also announced that it had also decided to part ways with Augusta National. The deal was worth around seven million.


The PGA Tour series has been regarded as the most commercially successful golf franchise in history. In 2008, the game Tiger Woods PGA 08 sold over two million copies.
Instead of playing simulation games, some prefer to play online golf games. Even though they have better putting and teeing off, they find it hard to earn money through gameplay.


Online casinos in North America have launched various types of games that are based on golf. These games can be played in demo mode, and after you have gotten used to the features, you may start to make deposits.
Some of the most popular online casino games that are based on golf are those that are produced by various companies such as Microgaming and Playtech. Although there are a lot of slots that are based on golf, it is important to note that the house always wins.


In 1999, Nintendo released the golf-based game Super Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. When it was first released, many people didn't believe that the plumber would actually be interested in playing golf.
Despite the lackluster graphics, Super Mario Golf is still considered to be a fun and popular game. Since it was released, the series has already sold over 8 million units worldwide.
Originally, these golf games were designed for small screens. However, they have since become very popular with the Nintendo Switch. One of the most successful of these is Mario Golf Super Rush, which features a multiplayer mode.


Another game that is popular is What The Golf, which features various surprises and a funny physics system.
The goal of What The Golf is to improve the scores of players who started to play new slots for real money by hitting various objects. It is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and other platforms.