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Is Buying Golf Clubs on Finance Worth It?

There are several reasons why people love to play golf and one of these is that they can relax and unwind while playing the game, compared to other sports. While it is true that the only gear that you need for a good game is a high-quality club, these are quite expensive. Some of these clubs cost thousands of dollars, easily breaking your bank. For this reason, people tend to buy golf clubs on finance, but is it worth it?

buying clubs on finance

Simply put, yes, it is worth it.
High-quality golf clubs last for a long time, such that even if you play frequently, your clubs are not easily affected by casual wear and tear. In the end, this may prove to be more cost-efficient, rather than buying affordable golf clubs that you would need to replace time and again. The great news is that you don’t have to shell out a hefty sum for an upfront payment for the best golf club because you can buy them through various financing options that make the payments more manageable. In line with this, below are some of these financing options that you can consider.

One of the primary financing options for you to get your hands on high-quality golf clubs is getting a loan to cover for the upfront payment. Consider getting a Nimble loan where you can borrow up to a couple of thousand dollars that you can pay back in nine months. This is one of the longest loan duration that you can go for to make your repayments more manageable.

Third-Party Companies
Some third-party companies offer golf clubs on a lease or rent-to-own agreements. However, it is often the case that these companies will check your credit, but the good news is that they prioritize those with bad credit. Just keep in mind that the price of the golf clubs offered by these third party companies is higher compared to other retailers.

Company Programs
Certain company programs offer financing options specifically for golf clubs. In this case, the payment term can be as long as 30 months with equal monthly payment amounts. But of course, on top of your payments is a fixed monthly interest rate that is usually a certain percentage of the total amount of the golf clubs that you purchase. The best part is that with a company program, you get to trade in your golf clubs every 12 or 24 months, with the payment for your upgrade rolled over to the next term.

Buying golf clubs in finance is worth it because this can turn out to be a more cost-effective option for you in the long run. Aside from this, you may find that making the payment is more convenient than having to come up with the sum that you need to buy high-quality golf clubs immediately. In this case, explore various financing options such as getting a loan, sourcing out third party companies, or looking into different company programs. This will pave the way for you to have the golf clubs that you need, making your game worth it.