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Golf tours around the world

Professional golf tours set up previously detached professional golf matches into an everyday schedule. Most golf enthusiasts are unaware of how professional golf tours operate or how many there are around the world. Every province has a highly sought-after elite professional golf tour that golf players strive to be eligible for. However, due to the high level of competition, not every golf player is able to participate.

There are tours for both men and women. Although some tours can hold tournaments in various regions of the world, the majority have their base in one particular area of the world. There are over twenty professional golf tours, each of which the Professional Golfers' Association or a different tour organisation hosts. This article will look at the various golf tours around the world. With this, you can know where to place your bet on the leading sports betting sites in Australia.

PGA Tour

Among professional male golfers, this is without a doubt the most popular professional tour. The Professional Golf Association Tour is the organisation in charge of the major professional golf tournaments that takes place in North America. It is a professional golf players' organisation that helps grow player prospects both nationally and globally. Despite the United States being its primary base, the PGA Tour is open to qualified international golfers from around the world.
The PGA Tour offers an array of highly profitable professional matches with average purses of $8.5 million and a first-place win worth 24 OWGR points minimum. Once a golf player wins a PGA Tour trophy, their career fortune changes. The PGA oversees all professional tournaments in the United States and Canada. Furthermore, its equally well-known Korn Ferry Tour serves as the PGA Tour's second-tier feeder tour.


The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is the world's largest professional women's golf membership organisation. This is the most highly profitable professional tour for female golf players. The LPGA Tour consists primarily of tournaments held in the United States, with major championships hosted each year. This tour shares many similarities with the PGA, but it is only for women. The event, which takes place in the United States, attracts international golfers. These five yearly major championships include the U.S. Women's Open, the Chevron Championship, the Women's PGA Championship, the Women's British Open, and the Evian Championship. Golfers on other female tours vie for a spot on the LPGA Tour and leap at the first chance to join because of the fortune and experience that comes with it.

Symetra Tour

The Symetra Tour is a predecessor to the LPGA, much like the Korn Ferry is to the PGA. It is also referred to as the "Road to the LPGA" and is available to both novice and professional female golfers. While Korn Ferry permits the top 25 players to enter, Symetra permits only the top ten money list players to become members of the LPGA with full eligibility for next season.
The tour was formerly known as the LPGA Futures Tour and, for funding reasons, as the Duramed Futures Tour between 2006 and 2010, before becoming the Symetra Tour between 2012 and 2021. This is the LPGA's official development tour, where both professionals and qualified amateurs are welcome. The top ten Symetra Tour money winners get LPGA membership access for the subsequent year.

Korn Ferry Tour

Consider the Korn Ferry Tour to be a precursor to the PGA Tour. It is referred to as a "developmental tour" for professional golfers who have yet to be accepted into the exclusive PGA Tour. This is simply an organisation for those who are yet to qualify or who have qualified but have struggled to maintain the required levels. The Korn Ferry Tour serves as the main path for those looking for a PGA Tour badge; it began in 2013. Those who finish in the top 25 gain instant PGA membership access for the next season.
All Korn Ferry Tour matches operate in the same manner as PGA Tour events. Here, they are all 36-hole cut events with 72-hole stroke play. Like the PGA Tour, the tournament winner will receive 18% of the purse. However, because this is a developmental tour, players are competing to earn a spot on the PGA Tour.

PGA European Tour

The PGA European Tour, now known as the DP World Tour, is another popular professional golf tour. Here, the $2.5 million purse standard on DP World Tour events and the 24 OWGR points earned by finishing first are what attracts professional golfers to this tour. Simply put, the PGA European Tour is Europe's main professional golf tour, with the Challenge Tour coming in as its second-tier feeder. The European Senior Tour (for players 50 and older) is also run by the organisation. It has its base at the Wentworth Club in Virginia Water, England.
Their aim is to run professional tournaments that provide their members with profitable prizes and the opportunity to earn a living by participating in tournaments. The majority of events take place in Western Europe, with the highest-stakes events taking place in the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Germany, and Spain. Together with the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland, the European Tour is a key partner for Europe's Ryder Cup.

The Challenge Tour

This is the development tour for pro golf players aspiring to play on the PGA European Tour. The PGA European Tour organises the Challenge Tour. This allows aspiring pro golfers to compete their way in and gain access to the PGA European Tour. The Challenge Tour is Europe's second-tier men's professional tour. Every year, only the top 20 golfers from this tour make it to the PGA European Tour.
The tour began in 1986. This was when the official national golf tours of France, Sweden, and Italy opened up to players from other nations. The Satellite Tour was the original name. As mentioned earlier, golfers who excel on the Challenge Tour are eligible to join the PGA European Tour the next season. However, golfers who fall in between 21 and 45 may also qualify for low-cost European Tour events on occasion. They can also enhance their standing by attending the European Tour Qualifying School.