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Best Golf Videogames for PS4 and PS5

There’s nothing like playing golf in the sun on a beautiful course, but sometimes that can be out of reach due to location or expense. Fortunately, there we have video games to fuel our passion for golf, and most of them offer an incredibly realistic experience.
There are some games that go to the step of using virtual reality to bring the fun golf action into your living room. Since games have complex mechanics and physics that are really close to reality, you can even improve your golfing skills on the course using VR games.
With that said, we decided to highlight some of the best Golf Videogames to buy this year.

PGA Tour 2K21
There is no surprise that the PGA 2K21 takes first place on our list, and it has become the best-selling golf game for the PS4. Since we are talking about the 2K franchise, experts in recreating real-life sports action, this Golf game will definitely meet your demands.
The reason why this game became an instant hit, has a lot to do with the balanced features and simplicity which promise an enjoyable experience even for golf beginners.
Just like Madden NFL 22, where you can play with some of the top 10 fastest NFL players of all time, in PGA Tour you can also play with some of the legends of the game.
The 2K21 edition is significantly improved compared to the previous versions, with tons of fresh new content, more exciting feature, and reconstruction to career mode and character editor.
It is one of the best golf games available for PS4 and PS5 right now.

Everybody’s Golf
Here we have a less mechanical and a more casual golf game, which is very fun to play. Even though the game is far from a real-life golfing experience, the interesting playing modes and fields promise hours of entertainment.
This game is made to please everyone focusing more on the experience rather than the hardcore real-life physics, that only a handful of people care about.
With its super easy controls that are very beginner-friendly it is the perfect family game with a fun vibe that doesn’t rely heavily on micro details. It is the perfect game for casual golfers that are not playing on a competitive level.

The Golf Club
Even though The Golf Club was released back in 2019 for the PS4, it is still one of the best games for console and there is a good reason for that. This is the game that revolutionized golfing games since the developers found a way to mimic lifelike ball physics in a video game.
The Golf Club has impressive mechanics that heavily rely on the course you play, as well as the weather conditions.
Despite being an almost-three-year-old game, it still features some incredible mechanics that come really close to a real-life golfing experience.
You can also choose to play in a PGA Tour career mode on 32 beautifully recreated and licensed courses. With The Golf Club, you can also customize your character as well as design your own courses that are really fun to play with your friends.
They’ve also released their new The Golf Club 2 which is not as good as its predecessor.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

best golf video games

This is a game that falls under EA Sports and promises a great golfing experience. There is something about this game that elevates the whole golfing experience and mainly because it’s designed through the eyes of golf legend Rory McIlroy.
Maybe it is the beautifully designed graphics that put you in some beautiful courses, or the lifelike mechanics of the wind, ball, and swing. With that said, it would have been nice to see more course choices.
The best thing about this game is that it can be played casually and professionally. On top of that, you get almost zero interruptions during the game and most things are fully customizable.
With its beautiful gameplay and very realistic graphics, this is definitely one of the top contenders for the best golf game for PS4 or PS5.