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Cutter Wedge CTR-1

"Better Physics...Better Golf"®

A first of its kind, the Cutter Wedge virtually eliminates the most commonly missed short game golf shots. The innovative club face design has a 75% larger sweet spot than conventional wedges. The Cutter “cuts” through deep rough effortlessly with a self-aligning face for greater shot consistency. Let physics do the work.


Cutting vs. Dragging
66% less leading-edge blade than conventional wedges

Bigger Surface
Unique shape offers 75% larger sweet spot

Better Groove Utilization
More grooves than traditional wedges for better control

The Cutter’s unique Sole Technology and perimeter weighting design is evenly distributed for improved center of impact and larger sweet spot vs. traditional wedge designs.

cutter wedge

More Consistent Shots
• Eliminates hitting underneath the ball
• Corrects alignment
• Improves aim
• Virtually fat shot free

 Loft  52  56  58
 Lie  64  64  64
 Bounce  10  12  6
 Head Weight  295g  298g  300g
 Offset  1.5mm  1.5mm  1.5mm
 Swing Weight  D3  D3  D3


cutter wedge


“This wedge, with its pointing leading edge, is particularly effective from thick rough around the green.”
- Tachi Y, Sydney

“I have been using the 56 degree cutter wedge for 12 months now and have been amazed at its accuracy around the greens. There is no distortion of the club face, the balance is superb and the club consistently catches the ball in the sweet spot. Plus, cutting through thick grass is a breeze. It has saved me shots on every round and lowered my handicap significantly.”
- Hugh M, Sydney

RRP $199 - YOURS FOR JUST $180