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Drop Putters

drop putters
Golfers get fitted for their irons and woods so doesn’t it make sense to be fitted for the club you use most…….

Have you ever wondered why many golfers, Pro’s in particular, continually change their putter? What are they searching for?

The perfect putter, the one that is right for them. The grip feels great, length and lie angle suits their set up and the weight is perfect, and of course they hole a few putts with it!

Most manufacturers of putters are in the business of maximizing sales, not improving your game. They sell putters that are designed to fit a majority technique then each year they add a few bells and whistles then tell us that it’s a better putter.

top drop putters"Here is a putter Sir its 35 inches long with a standard lie of 72 degrees with the latest polysumpin insert".

Its what the putter manufacturers peddle, stereotype putters for stereotype golfers.

So where can you go to get fitted for the most important club in your bag?

Don't be sucked into the herd mentality, get fitted for a REAL putter under the guidance of someone who knows about putters and putting.

Drop Putters: Contact Peter O’Leary, 03 9555 7846,