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Golf Betting Advice You Need to Learn by Heart

If you have little to no experience betting on golf, then you’re in the right place. We will be sharing some golf betting advice you need to learn by heart if you want to make your golf betting more profitable. With so many tournaments and annual golf events, you will have every chance to try out your luck with these tips and see if they are worth your time and effort.
Like any other form of sports betting, finding the right market is the first thing you should learn and master. While you learn how to find them, learning all you can about golf betting is the key to being profitable. As mentioned earlier, there is a year-round schedule of different golf tournaments.


If you have studied golf or played a round or two on a golf course, you’ll come to understand that not all courses are created equally. Some courses put a premium on certain holes on the course, and accordingly certain golfers have an advantages or a disadvantages playing them.
For example, if the golfer is insanely accurate, he would have no problem playing a course with tight fairways and thick roughs. If the golfer has a strong swing, they would be advantaged on longer courses. Knowing a golfers strengths and how they play on certain courses is essential if you want to predict how they will perform on a particular course.

Check the Weather
While the weather affects all golfers equally, not all golfers have the same response and adjustments to specific type of weather. With that in mind, correlating the weather to the golfers’ attitude and skill set is necessary if you want to gauge how they will do on the field.
There are golfers that consistently don’t perform in harsh weather like extreme heat or rain, and conversely there are golfers who don’t care about the weather and take it all in and just focus on their game.
Of course, the players aren’t the only ones affected by the weather – there’s the course itself. Severe rain can make some courses muddier than others, making it challenging carry the ball as far as normal.

Make Multiple Bets
If you want to increase your chances of winning, placing multiple bets on different golfers has its advantages. Here’s an example as a reference:

Golfer #1 ($12)
Golfer #2 ($16)
Golfer #3 ($16)
Golfer #4 ($18)
Golfer #5 ($25)

In this example, golfer #1 is the favorite, so many people are betting on him. But why does it have the lowest payout? Because, of course, he is the most likely to win. That means if you bet $10 on him, you’ll receive a payout of $120, which is a good result.
However if you bet $10 on each golfer, you’ll have better chance of winning. Of course if anyone else in the field wins you will lose, but if you bet on all five, you’ll increase your chances.
By betting on all five players, if #1 wins, you’ll win $120 minus the $40 you placed on the other golfers. This would mean a payout of $80. Naturally, your payout would depend on the bookmaker’s odds. If you’re shopping for odds, be sure to check out odds by FanDuel by checking out their online sports betting website -

Specialize on One Aspect of the Game
Some professional punters specialization on golf betting. One of the most common specializations is the player’s form. All players go in and out of form now and then, so by studying their form, you’ll be able to see if a player is playing well and worthy of a bet.

To Conclude - With this advice and other tips you can find on the internet, you’ll quickly learn how to bet wisely and more effectively. Although these tips are somewhat basic, they are a good foundation. Feel free to look for more advanced tips and tricks, but you will learn a lot by remembering these first.