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Playing Golf Online

Playing golf is one of those popular activities that many enjoy, but often they can’t play. This happens mostly due to lack of free time, or sometimes, lack of facilities nearby when driving miles and miles to the nearest one is not an option. However, luckily, golf has evolved as many other sports have, and today it can be played online - on your PC or mobile device, for free or for a small subscription fee.

Why Playing Golf Online Makes Perfect Sense
Why would one who enjoys playing real golf want to play it online you may ask. The experience is totally different and can’t be compared physically! We agree on that one, but here’s the point. For your body, playing for real and playing online is worlds apart, however it’s not the same story for your mind.
The human brain learns new skills and supports these skills, not only by actually doing things, but by watching others doing the same things. This is possible due to the so called mirror neurons that make the brain kind of mimic the activity the person watches in their mind. The work of mirror neurons is the mechanism behind our learning when we can repeat an action or skill after we are shown how to do it by someone else.


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In some people, mirror neurons are more efficient, in others less. However, they are still there and can contribute to your skill even without you physical doing anything. Studies show that people who watched someone doing dance moves or participating in sports activity could later repeat the same moves at the first try. Of course, the body does not work that way and the moves are more clumsy without actual practicing, but the brain is able to support the skill in its memory.
Conclusion? If you love golf, but don’t get to play as often as you would love to, golf game apps may be beneficial. You will be able to watch characters playing, or you can play first-person (that depends on particular game options). Obviously you will have to practice physically after a long break, but your brain will remember the moves, and will help you cope faster.

The Best Golf Apps

These are the most popular applications that offer free golf games:

  • WGT Golf Game
  • Super Stickman Golf 3
  • Flick Golf Extreme
  • Golf Battle
  • Golf Clash
  • Mini Golf 3d City Stars Arcade
  • OK Golf
  • Fantasy Golf
  • Desert Golf
  • Flick Golf Extreme
  • Golf Master 3D
  • PGA TOUR Golf Shootout
  • Golf King - World Tour

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When you try out the golf game apps we have listed above, pay attention to the following aspects - whether the app is popular and has high user rating, whether it runs well on your device’s OS, whether it is free until you wish to subscribe, or if you can only play for free during the trial period. If you don’t like one or more aspects of an application, don’t hesitate to drop it and try a different one.

Final Thoughts
Now you know how to support your golfing skills when you have long breaks between your golfing sessions in the open air. While this may seem counterintuitive and athletes will never agree because they have never tried, however mirror neurons can contribute a lot to your golf skill when you play golf in an app or watch other people playing. Just make sure you stay physically fit and healthy, so that your body can match the brain’s skills as soon as you are on the course. If you do that, you will be surprised how well you play after long breaks!