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Golf betting: a look at the most popular prop bets

Golf has always been one of the most betted-on sports in Australia, partly because it is among the sports with the highest participation in the country and partly because Aussies generally love to wager on sports that they have knowledge and experience of.
That’s why golf sits at the top of the betting markets offered by online bookmakers and also why there is always a rich portfolio of different types of bets available for any golf game.
People who like to play golf, watch golf or follow golf, generally like to bet on golf as well. In fact, golf is a sport that renders itself to betting, particularly since it is not seasonal. So, no matter whether you are a regular sports bettor that invests a lot of resources and time in making strategic picks or you are a more occasional bettor who wants to sneak in, test your skills and try to make more quick moves through fast withdrawal betting sites in Australia, golf betting is something you can always count on.


Golf tournaments and competitions happen all year round across the world and so, bettors have the opportunity to wager on an event any time of the year. Meanwhile, it’s not only that golf has a packed calendar. It is also that golf has a rich content when it comes to different betting markets. And while there are basic golf markets that dominate bookmakers’ lists, what seems to attract more the interest of punters is the prop betting market.
Prop bets are very common in golf. By nature, prop bets are wagers on occasions and events that are involved with a golf game or a golf tournament, but they are not related to the game or tournament final outcome.
Bettors will not wager on who will win a game or who will win a tournament, but on other propositions - as articulated and offered by the bookmakers - relevant either to the golfers’ performance or to the game itself. 
Prop betting is gaining popularity in every sport around this planet. Punters are very fond of bets that are at the end of the day more fun, more exciting and sometimes even more demanding - from a betting skill and competency perspective.

Let's see the most popular prop bets in golf. The ones that appear to catch the attention of bettors and the ones that generate most revenues. 

Top Nationality

This is probably the prop bet that accepts the largest part of betting slips when it comes to a golf tournament. Punters only need to pick the nationality of the golfer who they think will be the end winner.

Note here, that punters don’t get to wager on the outright winner, but only the nationality of the winner - whether he will be an American, an Australian or any other nationality for that matter. The chances of getting it right are more, and so this market can offer greater odds -and thus, potentially greater value - for countries that are less-represented in a tournament. 


As in any other competitive sport, bettors in golf can wager on head-to-head matchups, meaning that they can pick who they think will perform better compared to another golf player.

They don’t have to predict how a player is going to go in the tournament, or what his position is gonna be in the end. Rather they predict whether a specific player will outperform another one. 


Well, the hole-in-one is among the most rare events in a golf game and being able to wager whether there will be such an event is pretty exciting on its own. Here punters actually have the opportunity to bet on whether any golfer will hit a hole-in-one or even whether a specific golfer will manage to do it. 

Cut line

Another popular prop bet is wagering on whether golfers will actually make it to the second round, passing the cut line set in the tournament. It is very interesting for punters, because it is half-way through the tournament and this means that they get the chance to make more informed bets, based on what they have seen up to now about the golfers’ performance. 


Quite clearly, this prop bet is about predicting some total being over or under a specified number. In golf, this can be the total score of a particular golfer or the drive or any other total for that manner, which can be wagered either being above or below the line that has been set by the bookmakers.