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5 Ways to Unwind After a Frustrating 18 Holes

There’s nothing worse than stepping off the final green after a particularly frustrating round of 18 holes at your local course. For the competitive people out there – regardless of what handicap they actually carry – playing below their ability can be a bitter pill to swallow.
However, it should be remembered that golf is supposed to be a relaxing pastime to relieve stress, not accrue it, while making your way round the course. With that in mind, here are some innovative ways to iron out the kinks and loosen the stress knots after you’ve suffered a difficult outing with your clubs.

unwind after golf

This technique can be just as effective during your round as after it – in fact, it’s one which many professionals, including PGA Tour player Anirban Lahiri, swear by as a means of unwinding during and after playing golf. By shutting out all external distractions and focusing on grounding yourself in the here and now, you can dispel a lot of negative energy and get yourself back on an even keel.

This one might sound counter-intuitive, since playing golf in itself is a form of exercise. However, sometimes you need the type of cardio-intensive workout which gets your lungs working overtime and the blood pumping to wipe the slate clean, as it were. Get rid of all your mental fatigue by dishing out some physical fatigue to your body – the results speak for themselves.

Play games
There’s nothing like a good game to help you switch off and de-stress. From trying your luck at online casino games to enjoying a board game with family or friends, the low-key stakes of a game like these ones can provide a pleasing contrast to the (often self-imposed) high pressures of a problematic round of golf. With that in mind, it’s advisable to find a game you really enjoy playing (regardless of how good you are at it) and play it whenever the fancy takes you.

Eat a hearty meal
It should come as no surprise that stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand with a poor diet and malnutrition. After all, have you ever noticed how grumpy you can get when you’re hungry? Give yourself a sensory overload by indulging in your favorite meal at a preferred restaurant, which will reinvigorate your body and distract your mind from the mental trauma of the disappointing day’s work you’ve just inflicted on it.

Treat yourself
If all else fails, a spot of retail therapy often works a treat in helping you bolster your mood. If there’s a new piece of clothing, jewelry or gadget you’ve had your eye on for a while but have put off purchasing because you didn’t feel you could justify the expense, now is the time to splurge. Treating yourself to something you’ve wanted for a while can work wonders in restoring your inner equilibrium and helping you to refocus in time for the next 18 holes.

A bad round of golf is best dealt with like a bad day at the office – by putting it in the past. These handy tips can help to do just that.