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PGA Golf Betting - The Ultimate Guide to Bet in 2023

There's just something special about betting on golf. Maybe it's the sweeping beauty of the courses or perhaps it's simply because there aren't too many sports where you can relax with a cold drink while rooting for your favourite golfer to sink a long birdie putt.
Things might seem rather daunting at first for those new to golf betting. Don’t worry! - this guide is here to help! We’ll take you through each type of bet and even offer some personal insights that will give you an edge when placing wagers.

Why Betting on Golf?

You may wonder why bet on golf. The simple answer is that it's an exciting and unpredictable sport where upsets can occur at any moment. It’s also a great way to get more invested in the game, even if you're not playing yourself. Just like Bitcoin esports betting, golf betting offers a chance to make money while enjoying the action.
Unlike other sports, such as football or basketball, there are no ties when betting on a golfer, and someone always wins outright. This means that your chances of making money from betting may actually be greater than with traditional team-based sports.

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Also, golf tournaments are typically held over four days, offering plenty of time to analyze forms and decide which players you want to put your money on.
Golf betting is not just for the super-wealthy either; anyone can enjoy this exciting pastime. With a bit of research and some insider knowledge, even beginners can gain an edge that will increase their chances of coming out ahead. So why not take a swing at it? Who knows - maybe you'll hit many decent winnings.

Types of Golf Bets

As we dive in, let's first take a look at the various types of bets you can place. Golf is not as diverse as other sports when it comes to its bet types, but there are still enough options that will keep things exciting for you.

  • Golf Outrights/Futures. This type of betting is quite popular. Here, you choose an individual golfer or a team that aims to win a given tournament. You place your wager before the start event and cash out after its end.
  • First-Round Betting. Just like in outright/futures betting, you choose a golfer/team to win the first round of a tournament. As with any single-round competition, this bet has slightly more variance than betting on the tournament winner.
  • Matchups. With match-ups bets, you are wagering that a specific golfer will outplay their opponent. Sportsbooks post odds between two players and let you choose which one to back for the win.
  • Golf Props. These types of wagers can vary depending on what sportsbook or website you’re using. Props usually cover topics like whether a hole-in-one happens in a given event, winning scores by individual rounds/tournaments/golfer totals(these have become very popular with daily fantasy contests), etc.
  • Each-way Betting. With each-way betting, you can bet both on a golfer to win and for them(usually up-to-4th place) finishing in the top three (or four). While this will protect your losses if they don't finish first, it also lowers potential winnings from an outright victory. 

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These are the main types of bets that you can place. Each one has different levels of difficulty and variance, so it's up to you to decide which ones are best suited for your betting style.

Golf Betting Tips

Now that we've looked at the types of bets you can place let’s get into some useful betting tips:

  • Shop around for odds. This is one of sports betting's cardinal rules but holds special importance in golf as different books have varying lines on available golfers or their matchups.
  • Timing Is Everything. Odds can fluctuate depending on a golfer’s performance leading up to the tournament or based solely on public perception and action taken by other bettors. If you’re confident in your pick consider putting money down early before the odds shift too much.
  • Don't Just Bet On Favorites. While favourites are always popular among casual fans, they often come with shorter odds that offer less value for would-be winners long-term as casinos adjust these lines ahead of time. Look past the obvious choices and find more attractive wagers where underdogs have been underestimated at first glance.
  • Follow Experts. follow respected analysts online to stay on top of golf betting trends and get expert advice. Listen to sports podcasts or read articles by people who thoroughly understand the complexities of PGA tournaments.

Understand Course History. Each course has unique features that can benefit certain players over others. Prior to placing a bet check out the official PGA website or other trusted sources and research information on any golfer’s previous performance at the specific event/course.

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These are just a few tips to consider when betting. There is always an element of chance involved, and even the best bettors can lose sometimes. But do your research and follow sound strategies and you will have many chances to win!