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5 Most Disliked Golfers of All Time

When you’re a fan of any sport like golf, you’ll inevitably have a favorite player. It can change from time to time too. And it’s no wonder, as some golfers can be so charismatic, not just with their skill but with their personality on and off the fairway.
Some players are so popular that they have followed for decades now. However, as much as some golfers can be famous, other golfers are infamous because of incidents and even controversies. In this article, we will discuss some of the most disliked golfers in the history of golf.


Patrick Reed

We’re going to start with something spicy. Patrick Reed, also previously known as “Captain America,” was the US Ryder Cup Team star during the peak of his popularity. Reed was the player the team would look to, to lead the charge against the Europeans. He even clashed with Rory. And one of his highlights is winning the 2018 Masters.
However, it all came tumbling down as rumors of cheating surrounded his career. When you’re labeled as a cheat, it doesn’t come off that easily. The people's trust is gone with your reputation, and your popularity wanes. He also allegedly made dubious moves that improved his lie at the Hero World Challenge 2019.
His wife came to defend her husband’s honor, which brought even more ridicule and his reputation was even stained further because of “the” incident at the Farmer Insurance Open in 2021.

Gary Player

There is little to doubt about Player’s steller career. He won 159 pro tournaments, which included nine majors. He’s a great golfer and he has the evidence to support it! Player was even the main inspiration for other greats from his homeland of South Africa today like Ernie Els and Louis Oosthuizen.
However, he is not without controversy. His career was plagued with many suspected rules infractions, most notably during the 1974 Open. Like Reed, some think his legacy is tarnished.

Matt Kuchar

Matt Kuchar may not be as famous as the first two golfers on this list, but he stands beside them by being among the most unpopular. However unlike the first two players on the list, it’s not because possible infractions or anything like that; it’s because he is a cheapskate.
Kuchar was considered one of the nice guys on the PGA Tour. However, he let himself and his fans down very badly at the Mayakoba Classic. Having won a $1.3 million cheque, he only gave his stand-in caddy a mere $5,000. $4000 for the service and $1000 as a winning bonus.
To be fair, Matt Kuchar publicly apologized for this incident and later paid David Ortiz a fairer fee, however, the damage to his reputation has been done, and it hasn’t left his legacy ever since.

Ian Poulter

Nicknamed “The Postman,” his fans love to call him that because he always delivers for Team Europe. However, as much as his countrymen love him, he is despised by the Americans. Poulter himself defied the odds to become a pro golfer. His story is one of perseverance, but as inspiring as his story is, he is not without controversy.
Poulter is known for his antics in the field. He has been labelled for a bad attitude towards course marshals and his fans. It also doesn’t help that he has outlandish fashion sense and ridiculous hair, which the Americans target across the pond to throw him off his game. Thankfully, as he matured in the sport, his bad attitude has improved greatly, although many golf fans still dislike him for his earlier antics.

Tiger Woods

Many people would probably be surprised to see Woods on this list, but we can all agree that he had his fair share of controversies over the years. There’s no doubt that many golf fans would say he is the greatest golfer of all time; even bettors who are in it just for golf betting would say the same.
There is no doubting his ability to golf, but he has been the center of many controversies in the past. One would be his clandestine, off-course demeanors with many women. Not only that, his wife kicked him out of the house and left the marriage.

Final Word
Of course, there are plenty more golfers that golf fans dislike. However, the ones listed above probably have the most negative press under their belt. It’s quite ironic that golf, a peaceful sport, also has a lot of controversies with its players, but then again, fame tends to get in the head of sports personalities.