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What Golfers and Poker Players Have in Common

Ever wondered why famous golf players like Tiger Woods and John Daly love playing poker during their spare time? Well, it turns out that these activities have a few things in common despite one being a sport and the other one being gambling. Here are three similarities between playing golf and online poker!

golfers and poker

Both are skilled players

If golf were so easy to play, everyone would be winning, right? To excel at golf, players must learn how to control the movement of the ball in constantly changing terrain. They also need to possess the requisite skills for gripping, standing, and curving the ball in the right direction. Even the slightest bend in the wrong direction on your hip, knees, or arms could give the opponent the advantage.
The same is true about poker. Blackjack and poker are the only casino games where players can use their skills to boost their winning chances. For example, skilled poker players know when to fold, raise, or re-raise to increase their winning chances. Players can also bluff to lead their opponents in the wrong direction. The game of poker is all about skills as opposed to luck-based casino games like the famous online pokies in Australia.

They are not team players

No, this is not to say that poker and golf players cannot work with people in other surroundings. After all, they have families, friends, and business partners with whom they interact daily. But the fact remains that poker and golf are not team activities. Tiger Woods and John Dally will never take turns playing against a single opponent.
When playing poker and other online casino games, you’ll always face the dealer alone and make individual decisions. Although some live games can allow several players to join the poker table, the gambling laws in Australia and worldwide don’t allow players to exchange notes. Almost all casinos will throw you out if you’re guilty of revealing your hard combinations to other players before the round ends. 

They are rich

Please don’t misquote this point to start betting on poker aggressively. The thing is that there are millions of poker and golf players who are yet to make it in life. But one thing that the professionals in poker and golf have is their fancy and lavish lifestyles.
Take Daniel Negreanu, for example. The six-time WSoP champion has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Interestingly, this is half of what Phil Ivey has. Tiger Woods is the richest in golf with a staggering $800 million fortune, followed by Phil Mickelson at $400 million. These few examples show that professional poker and golf players are ‘birds of the same feather'.


Clearly, poker and golf share lots of similarities. Professional poker players often take their time out on golf courses to unwind and enjoy themselves. On the other hand, professional golf players have enough money to spend playing poker and other gambling games. But one thing is sure; it takes a lot of practice and discipline to stay at the top in poker and golf.