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Through the Courses: 10 Benefits of Golfing and Why You Should Try It

Golf is a game where a player uses a variety of clubs to strike a small ball from several starting points to get into different holes on the course. The player with the fewest shots goes home a winner. Today, golf is still one of the most popular sports, and for a good reason. If you’re wondering what are the perks that come with playing this sport, then take a read!

10 reasons to golf

Vitamin D!
Get Vitamin D by being under the sun. Of course, you can still get it from certain foods and food supplements. When golfing, don’t forget to put on sunscreen since you wouldn’t want to get sunburned from just a day of playing.
Vitamin D has many benefits. It promotes healthy bones and teeth and supports immunity and nervous system health. It also supports lung and cardiovascular health. Thus, just by golfing for an hour, you can get your day’s supply of Vitamin D!

The Beautiful Landscapes
The nature of the sport requires its playing arenas to be quiet, serene, and of course, among the greenery. Australia is known for its magnificent courses, and The Vines Golf Course in Perth is one of them! The best thing about the courses in Perth is that they’re picturesque, but also a challenge.

Meet New People
Golf is a social sport and this factor makes it appealing to many. It’s a beautiful environment to strike up a conversation with other players on the course with the similar interests.
Playing the sport can help boost your social skills, self-esteem, and mood. And you can meet new people from a different community that you’re used to..

It’s Good Exercise
Golf is a sport where you spend a significant amount of time using your feet; you have to do a considerable amount of walking. Most courses see you walk at least six kilometers during a round, so there’s no doubt that you’ll achieve the recommended step goals while playing!

Close Business Deals
Golfing has many benefits, including improving professional relationships with clients and colleagues. Golf is commonly known as a sport played by people in business. Indeed, it’s a great way to get out of the office, relax, destress, and mingle.
If you’re looking for ways to improve your current standing in work, especially in business relationships, take up golfing! You can take your bosses and colleagues for a game and you can establish a good impression here.

It’s Relaxing and Relieves Stress
Playing the game can help ease anxious thoughts and relax you, especially when playing by yourself. You can be alone with your thoughts, thinking about what you’ve experienced in the past week, months, or years. People are often going through life so fast that they fail to slow down and reflect.

Builds Character
Any sport has its challenges, which can be frustrating. However, the things that make us frustrated are also an opportunity to build character. After missing a putt for the third time, you would have to decide whether you would let it get the best of you and get upset, or take a deep breath and focus on how you can do better.
As we all know, life doesn’t go the way we planned it, no matter how much hard work we put in. During your time on a quiet course, you’re given a chance to see the bigger picture.

Bonding Activity

Golf is a sport that you can do by yourself, colleagues, and your family! You can even bring your kids to the course! There are golf clubs in every shape, color and size that are perfect for your kids too. Thus, the sky’s the limit! You can use the sport as a bonding activity and have fun with them.

Healthy Competition
When meeting newbies (like you?), don’t be surprised if asked if you have a handicap - this is something that new golfing buddies typically ask. Thus curiosity can turn into a tiny hint of envy once they observe that you’re better at them at the game. From this, friendly competition will arise. So encourage yourself to do better than yesterday in these games.

Improves Concentration and Brain Functions
Golf teaches you to focus, be accurate and concentrate. It can also encourage creative and critical thinking (e.g. analyzing how far your golf ball will go, how a slope will affect a putt on the green). When playing, you can observe how other players swing and mimic successful players.
Indeed, hand-eye coordination is vital in golf. Thankfully, the location of these games is in quiet places, so you won’t be distracted by the roars of crowds or whistles when trying to concentrate on the ball.

Final Thoughts
Now that you have ten reasons to play golf, get on out there and get a golf club! As you’ve read, golf is an all-rounder, capable of having not just one, but (at least) ten benefits! If you’re still unsure whether the sport is for you, you can always browse the internet and read more about it yourself.