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New Major Golf Events in 2024 to Bet On

The golf’s allure lies in the fact that this sport is for everyone. It includes physical activity but doesn’t require any special skills; therefore, the discipline has no age restrictions. Golf is widespread across different generations, and betting on sports events is also in demand.
Luckily, there’s no need to leave home and visit the bookmaker’s office, as various new casinos provide lucrative bets on golf competitions. It’s easy to place your bet by clicking several buttons. Choosing an exciting contest will also not be a problem for users – as we’ve gathered the main tournaments awaiting golf lovers in 2024.

major golf events

European Open 2024

Europeans are passionate fans of golf, and this event is among the loudest international tournaments in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, and many other countries. This competition attracts millions of viewers from around the world, featuring the best players globally.
Therefore, the European Open 2024 is among the most important events in the world of golf. Risk hunters prefer to place bets on this contest; numerous bookies provide fantastic conditions for their members. The European Swing will take place from May to July 2024. However, golf lovers can enjoy the event all year round, as the first matches will begin in February.

PGA Tour 2024

This event has been held for over a century, placing it on the list of the oldest golf tournaments globally. Matches will be held in the different US states, but not limited by the country’s borders. The schedule of PGA Tour 2024 will also take place in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
The competition’s opening in Hawaii will be on 7th January – and the contest will last until the beginning of September. Therefore, punters have the chance to bet on 39 matches with absolutely unpredictable outcomes.
The PGA Tour’s format will slightly change in 2024, as this year will be marked with several signature events held on the smaller courts. The special contests will bring even more opportunities for bettors, so many eagerly await this event.


2024 will be marked with the 75th season of the LPGA Tour, which will gather the best golf players from different parts of the world. The tournament will begin on 18th January in Florida, so there’s not much time left! Hurry up to find the best online bookmaker to enjoy golf betting with top odds and exclusive conditions.
The LPGA Tour consists of 35 matches with the general prize pool of $118 million. Golf players have incredible motivation when fighting for the champion’s title, so the contest promises to be hot!
The LPGA Tour will take place in different parts of the United States, but overseas viewers can enjoy the competition through live streams. This feature is often available on bookmaker websites, so it won’t be challenging to find one. Enjoy the contest and place bets in one place for maximum fun and benefits from this loud golf championship.

The Open Championship

This major golf event is held in Scotland, the motherland of this sport. Locals are known as passionate discipline lovers, so it’s evident that the Open Championship attracts a lot of viewers in the country and beyond. 156 players participated in the qualifying round, and we will learn who will become a winner in July 2024.
The tournament is among the most spectacular events in the golf world; viewers await it with impatience, while punters are inspired by the chance to place their bets and profit when watching the Open Championship.

Technology and Data Analytics in Golf Betting

Golf betting seems simple, as it’s enough to choose the preferred event and a player you would like to bet on and place your prediction with a few clicks. However, such an approach doesn’t always bring the desired outcome. Experienced punters recommend implementing appropriate data analytics and evaluating numerous factors before placing their prediction on the match result.
For instance, Michael Campbell is one of the greatest golf players from New Zealand. He’s won the European Tour 8 times and the PGA Tour of Australia 7 times. With these statistics, a bettor can make better predictions. Evaluating previous players’ performance, competition outcomes, and overall statistics is essential for users engaging in online sportsbooks.
Technologies play an important role in the quickly changing landscape of golf competitions. Mechanisms allowing users to assess all balls and bats’ actions immediately were introduced in 2003.
This tracking system has become beneficial to athletes, as it helped strengthen their skills and improve performance. At the same time, viewers can get a detailed analysis of everything happening on the field. The advanced technology is also beneficial for punters, as it’s a great way to get all the necessary data, statistics and latest golf news to make informed bets.
Of course, selecting the right betting destination is also an important factor influencing your future experience. Ensure to join only reliable, time-tested online sportsbooks with excellent reputations.
Such bookies usually provide the best conditions, higher odds, and amazing bonuses. All these boost the winning opportunities and offer an unforgettable golf betting experience.

Final Insight

Many golf competitions, both international and local, are held worldwide. Betting fans have many opportunities for their favourite entertainment, and various amazing odds on golf boost their interest. The popularity of this discipline constantly grows, and betting opportunities go hand in hand with this demand.
Modern punters can enjoy multiple exciting events and the best conditions on bookies’ websites – 2024 will be even more thrilling than the past years!