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5 Famous Golfers Who Love Gambling and Poker

Golf is often seen as a gentleman's game, one that requires discipline and calm. Certain people may believe that golf is a staid, boring game, but the truth is that many golfers are risk-takers who enjoy a good wager. For these athletes, the thrill of competition extends beyond the golf course. They might spend their free time at a shining casino hall trying to hit Blackjack or playing pokies online Australia on one of the virtual casino websites like

Here are five of the most famous golfers who love to gamble and play poker.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods loves gambling. Over the years, Woods has been spotted at some of the world's most famous casinos, including the Wynn in Las Vegas and the Atlantis in the Bahamas. In addition to playing high-stakes games of blackjack and poker, Woods is also a regular at the craps tables and can play pokies from time to time.
In fact, he once topped $1 million in winnings during a single visit to the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas.
While gambling can be a dangerous addiction, it seems that Woods has so far been able to control his urges and keep his losses to a minimum. While some people consider gambling to be a vice, for Woods, gambling is simply part of who he is — and it's one of the many things that make him such an intriguing person.


Phil Mickelson

Professional golfer Phil Mickelson is no stranger to gambling. While Mickelson's love of gambling might not be as well-known as his love of golf, it's certainly something that has earned him a reputation over the years. In 2012, Mickelson made headlines when he won $560,000 after betting on the Miami Heat to win the NBA Finals. And in 2014, he reportedly won $2.8 million after placing a bet on the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl XLVIII.
However, Mickelson has also struggled with gambling addiction throughout his career. In 2001, he admitted to losing over $1 million dollars to sports betting.
Mickelson's gambling addiction has led to financial problems and legal troubles, but it has also made him one of the most fascinating athletes in the world. His willingness to gamble on himself — both on and off the golf course — has earned him a reputation as a risk-taker, and his successes have only added to his legend. Phil Mickelson is a complex figure, and his battle with gambling addiction is just one part of his story.

phil mickelson

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy is one of the world's most successful golfers, with four major championships to his name. But away from the golf course, McIlroy has another passion: gambling. The Northern Irishman is a regular at the pokies casino, and he's even been known to place bets on golf tournaments while he's playing in them. While some might see gambling as a dangerous addiction, McIlroy sees it as a harmless pastime. "I love a bit of gambling," he said in an interview with ESPN. "I don't do it to an extent where it takes over my life or anything like that." For McIlroy, gambling is simply a way to add excitement to the game of golf. And judging by his success on the course, it doesn't seem to be affecting his play in a negative way.


John Daly

While some people might enjoy the occasional trip to the casino, for John Daly gambling is a way of life. In addition to playing high-stakes poker and betting on sports, Daly, a professional golfer who has earned millions of dollars in prize money, is also known for his fondness for real money pokies and other forms of electronic gambling.
Daly has said that gambling is like a drug for him, and he even once lost $55 million in a single year. However, he has also been quoted as saying "I'd rather gamble than work any day."
Losing his golf tournament winnings in a bet is perhaps what made John Daly realize he had a gambling problem. The sportsman has been open about his struggles with gambling addiction, admitting that he has lost millions of dollars over the years. Even though Daly has made great strides in overcoming his addiction, he admits that it is still a daily battle. In recent years, he has even used his platform to help raise awareness of gambling addiction and its causes. While gambling may have cost him dearly in the past, John Daly's story ultimately serves as a reminder that it is possible to overcome even the darkest of demons.

john daly

Dustin Johnson

Johnson's love of gambling is well-known among his friends and family. He often takes risks in his personal life, betting on himself to succeed. This confidence has led to many successful ventures, both in his career and in his personal life. However, it has also led to some setbacks, including divorce and several lawsuits. Despite these challenges, Johnson continues to gamble on himself, believing that his luck will eventually turn. His friends and family remain supportive, even though they worry about his tendency to take risks. They know that Dustin Johnson is the kind of person who always bets on himself — and usually wins.

dustin johnson

Most people enjoy the occasional gamble, whether it’s playing the lottery, betting on a sports game, or playing online pokies Aus or a hand of poker. Gambling can be a fun way to add a little bit of excitement to your life. However, it’s important to gamble responsibly. When you gamble, you should only use money that you can afford to lose, set limits on how much you’re willing to lose, and stick to those limits. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed about gambling, it’s time to quit. Gambling should be fun. If it stops being fun, walk away.