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Golf as a way to increase a student's social network: New acquaintances and a network of contacts

When talking about any kind of sport and its benefits for those who practice it, the first and pretty obvious benefit is the positive influence on your health. Each sport can, in its own way, increase qualities and skills: running improves your stamina, swimming positively influences all groups of muscles, and makes swimmers look as if ancient Greek statues become alive. But there are such games that, even from the point of view of your physical abilities, don't improve them considerably. From the point of view of its physical effect on the person playing it, we cannot say that it will be as obvious with football, soccer, or powerlifting. First, it may seem that golf is a sport for pensioners or middle-aged men with a tummy who don't want to stay at home all weekend, already not in that good shape to play street basketball with their friends. But don't underestimate the game. It can also have a positive effect on the body because you move, you walk a lot, you stretch when you play it, and you spend a lot of time outdoors breathing fresh air. In this article, we talk about this game as a way to increase a student's social network. So let's find out how it can be helpful.

How do you play golf?

The game in its current format appeared in the 19th century and lately is becoming more and more popular. Men and women of different age categories are spending more time with golf clubs, improving their ability to hit little balls with the club and send it right into the hole on the gren. Sounds fun and easy, right? And now, let's talk about its "social" positive effects. We are sure that some readers right now are a bit skeptical, saying that playing golf can't help to cope with many problems that students have, that if a student has common essay writing problems, they should not waste time on sports and should go and try to write something; they say that golf can't be helpful in such situations. But can it?    

You get to know people

When playing golf, you have time to get to know new people. But it's not like in other sports, where you say hi to each other and then the players are divided by net or by special equipment you have to wear or they just don't communicate at all because you have to be careful when playing in order not to get hurt. Golf gives you an opportunity to talk, and actually, a lot. While walking from one hole to another, you have plenty of time to ask each other about different stuff. Plus, sometimes players gather to watch the play of others, and it's pretty normal to talk, discuss, and share opinions. And it's not necessarily only about the game. A conversation is a very vivid thing, and it's hard to predict where it will end, so don't be surprised when before the game, you were struggling with writing some of your essays, in two hours, you have a Scam Fighter's article how to write exactly what you need. That's how it works.

You can improve your communication skills

To make new acquaintances and widen your network of contacts, you have to have nice communication skills because, let's be honest, if a person is boring or dull, we don't have any wish to exchange numbers. In the case of golf, perfection comes with practice. You have a lot of chances to talk to people and each time it will become easier for you to talk to strangers and ask for their contact without being shy. Plus, this game develops one of the most important qualities in a person, the one that you definitely need if you want to have a wide list of contacts. It is patience. All people are different and it is necessary to find a way to each of them. Without patience, it is almost impossible to cope with this task.

Golf was "created" for Instagram

The main problem with athletes and their pictures while playing different sports can be, let's say, not very attractive. Facial expressions can be weird, postures can be not perfect, and nobody likes to look unattractive. Golf is not a very quick kind of sport. You can take your time before hitting the ball; no countdown until you have to hit it, so there is no rush and no awful pictures with scary faces. Almost all pictures that we have seen of golf players look really nice and can be posted on Instagram even without filters. And having beautiful pictures will help you to get additional followers, especially if you are a talented player. And thanks to a wide network of contacts, you find and get to know very useful people and sites. Just as an example, when having trouble with studies, we are ready to accept any help, but it's important to be thoughtful because you can be tricked. So for sure, somebody among your friends or followers would recommend you to read reviews on before making a decision and choosing a writing service.