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What Are the Best Golf Games You Can Play Online?

Travelling to play a round of golf is always a great idea, but what if you don't have the time to do this just now? One great alternative involves looking online for golf games that let you play this sport in a more convenient way that fits any lifestyle, so what are the best options to look for?

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

Following up the popular 2004 version of this game with something even better seemed difficult, but EA Sports produced a terrific game that is still regarded as one of the best sports simulations of all time. It received positive reviews, with the PC versions proving to be particularly popular among people who’ve tried it.
As well as solid all-round gameplay, the 2005 game made a significant impact thanks to the diverse features that add a sprinkling of variety. My Legend Pursuit is the stand-out, with six of the most famous golfers in history that the players need to challenge on iconic courses to progress.
The Hall of Legends is a type of online museum where you can look at a choice of photos and trophies that celebrate the sport’s most famous triumphs. The best part about this feature is that your own achievements in the game lead to your wing of the museum growing to show what you win.

Mario Golf: World Tour

The Mario Golf series of games by Nintendo might seem to only offer novelty value at first, but at their heart lies excellent golf games that give you a tremendous experience and highly varied gameplay.
Opinions differ over which is the best game in this golfing series, with many fans stating that 2014’s World Tour is their favourite. This game was developed by Camelot Software Planning and was the fifth in the Mario Golf series. Designed for the Nintendo 3DS, it brought a simple, arcade-type style to the sport.
Despite the rather basic gameplay, World Tour has proved to be a hit, with many of the courses looking like real-life settings and the Super Shots option adding an element of strategy to the gameplay. The learning curve is fairly steep, to be fair, and some players have found it to be quite confusing at times.

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Themed Pokies

One of the most fascinating trends in the gaming world in recent years has been the rise of themed pokies. Also known as fruit machines or slots, these are games of chance where a vast range of themes add extra life to the gameplay.
The basic way of playing is terribly similar in all of them, with the various themes adding unique looks to the concept of creating a winning combination of symbols. You can find plenty of sports inspired pokies online, with soccer and cricket among the most popular themes. These sports pokies sit alongside others who are based on fantasy worlds, adventures across the planet, and famous figures from history, among others.
Despite seeming perfect for this genre, there aren’t as many golf-themed slots as you might expect to find. A few of the top developers like Playtech and Microgaming have created golf pokies in the past - with mixed degrees of success - and it’s definitely an area to keep an eye on if you like this sport and enjoy gambling too. 

PGA Tour 2K21

It’s interesting to note that many of the most-loved golf games are now quite old, suggesting that there was a sort of golden age for golf gaming a few years ago that hasn’t been continued more recently.
Yet, the launch of PGA Tour 2K21 in 2020 showed that great golf games can still be made that appeal to golfers around the planet. Published by 2K Sports for a range of different platforms, it sold more than three million units in the first couple of years after release.
You can play on a selection of real and fictional golf courses here, with Detroit Golf Club, Riviera Country Club, and TPC Twin Cities among the most interesting choices. This game stands out from the crowd thanks to its hugely realistic graphics and gameplay, which led to largely positive reviews and feedback.

What to Expect in the Future?

Golf remains a hugely popular sport, with over 25 million golfers playing the sport in 2022 in the USA alone. Considering the way that the online gaming industry has grown so rapidly in recent years, it seems safe to suggest that there’s a market out there for people who want to see fresh new games in this genre.
The innovative nature of the best golf games to date and the gaps in the market identified - such as for golf pokies - suggests that this is an area of gaming where we can expect to see some new releases before too long, with the EA Sports PGA Tour series EA Sports one of the most likely sources of new games in 2024.