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Corporate Travel in Europe is Becoming Popular. Organize a Golf Trip to Europe for your Team

Golf is arguably the world's most prestigious sport. Nothing better evokes images of luxurious grounds, endless stretches of rolling green hills, and time spent on a relaxing yet challenging afternoon with friends and colleagues.
An organized vacation with your team can be an ideal way to bond, enjoy yourselves, and while away the hours in one of the world's most pleasing and verdant spots.
To make the most of your getaway, there are several things you should consider before devising your overall plan. 

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What kind of climate are you looking for?

The birthplace of golf is, of course, Scotland. The beautiful green rolling fairways of St Andrew's have been favored by the sport's greatest enthusiasts for years.
As lovely as it is though, you should think carefully about whether a climate so far North would be suitable for your team. Even in the summertime (many courses are seasonal), temps can be chilly. So if what you're looking for is consistent polo shirt weather, you might consider one of the popular courses in Greece, Italy, or Portugal. Charter bus Europe services are widely available throughout these regions.
At the same time, your staff might not want such high temps that they simply want to run off the course and get into the A/C. Whatever your needs, there are courses available and Europe bus charters that can get you there.

What amenities would best suit your team?

Beyond the location, you've got several other factors to take into consideration. The number of holes is an obvious factor. Are there serious golfers in your group? Or will your trip be more recreational and focused on team building in general? Courses vary widely in size and complexity.
Once you've determined generally where you'd like to go and the approximate length of your desired course, you can start thinking about other features that might appeal to your team. Some courses offer their own driving ranges. Particularly if you've got a group with mixed levels of experience, this can be helpful for the relative newcomers to practice their swing before they get out on the course itself.
Some clubs offer PGA-qualified professionals, golf academies, and pro shops. You'll want to consider all of these factors when determining the best options for your group.

Where will you stay, and how will you get there?

Although golf is known as an upper-class sport and most European courses are close to luxurious villas and other choice accommodations, there will always be a range of options both in terms of amenities and price.
You'll want to be sure that your team is satisfied, first of all, because the whole point of your trip will be to boost morale and make everyone happy to be part of the group. However, you don't want to completely break the bank in accomplishing this as spending too much on your trip could strain your company resources.
Therefore, it is best to look carefully for the best combination of features that will suit your team's needs. Depending on the size of your group, you might need a bigger place to accommodate everyone. Some hotels and resorts might offer you a deal on a large group rate, so it is good to keep this in mind, as well.
Last but not least, you will want to find a charter bus in Europe that offers your staff comfort, reliability, and whatever other features they might need. As your trip will likely take place during warmer months, you'll want to make sure your bus has good air conditioning, perhaps a mini fridge, and maybe even time tinted windows if you expect the sun to be particularly strong.

Tee off with confidence

Once you've done your research and decided on the best location, course, accommodations, and European bus charter, your team is sure to have a great trip. Whether they be novices or near-professionals, there is surely a course out there for you.
So, hit 'email long and straight, and enjoy the 19th hole!