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Celebrities You Might Want to Golf With

It is probably every golf player’s biggest dream to be able to play one day along with their favorite celebrity. Golf isn’t an easy sport to master, it takes lots of skills, patience and practice to become good at it. For that reason, players look to celebrity golfers and admire their performance on the course. Golf fans are willing to pay high admission tickets in order to watch pro golfers perform, so how amazing would it be to play along their favorite celebrity?
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In addition to golf stars there are also celebrities that enjoy playing golf and are actually really good at it. Some even have their own golf courses, or play on the weekends with golf-pros, given that they enjoy the game very much. You might be surprised to find some of the most known celebrities around the world that enjoy playing golf and are also very good at it.

Once you find out who they are, you are definitely going to dream about playing with them.

1. Celine Dion
There isn't a single soul in this world that doesn't know the amazing Celine Dion. Whether they know her for her impeccable voice, or her famous song in the Titanic Movie, she is truly a star. She is actually a golf lover, and she adores the sport so much that she even owns her private course, designed specifically for her and her closest pals to enjoy. She has a handicap of 17, and she is definitely a celebrity that many fans would like to play with.

2. Bill Murray
Bill Murray is known for his roles in films like Ghostbusters, Lost In Translation, Space Jam, Groundhog Day among others. Murray is actually a very good golfer. He plays in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am charity every year, and sports an eight handicap.

3. Mark Wahlberg
One of the main stars of Entourage, Mark Wahlberg might surprise fans if they knew his game. He has a seven handicap, he has played in numerous celebrity tournaments and he has more than held his own. Wouldn't he be an amazing celebrity to play with?