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From Melbourne by Plane to the Most Amazing Golf Courses in Australia

Australia isn't only a continent filled with unique flora and fauna, but also with the most perfect greens for golf enthusiasts. Each corner of the continent offers great golf courses, which is why the first thing some of us pack when going on a trip are golf clubs. Most Australian golf courses are open to the public, which makes it easy enough for tourists to hit the green on one of Australia's most amazing courses.

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Cheap Melbourne Airport Parking

Melbourne, too, has many beautiful golf courses in store, so if you´re up to exploring the best courses on offer, you should go ahead and book your next flight. As you'll most certainly travel with bulky luggage if you bring your clubs along, a parking spot close to the terminal is important to you.
In order to find out which parking Melbourne airport has to offer and how much money you'll spend for the parking spot of your choice, visit the Parkos website. Parkos has gathered information on all the car parks and garages that offer their services to travelers. That makes it a lot easier for you to directly compare the distance from the parking lot to the terminal, the price and the simplicity of the parking and transfer process. That way, you´ll be able to benefit from the best value for your money. Now that the parking issue has been settled, let's talk about your destination.

Amazing Australian Golf Courses You Must Play

There are different criteria that make for an amazing golf course. Uniqueness of terrain is one of them. Special landscapes lead to another criterion: How challenging is the golf course? Are there specific winds, descents, gaps or other characteristics that make it extraordinary to play?
The view you get is another indicator of how special a golf course is. And even though most courses throughout the country have their upsides, there are some that really play in a different league. The following 6 golf courses should be on your to-play list:

Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club, SA

You´d like to hit the greens in South Australia? Sorry, that is not possible at Coober Pedy Opal Golf Club, because there is not one blade of grass there. Instead, you´ll experience a unique round on dusty grounds. A turf mat will give your golf ball the support it needs for you to give it a good drive.

Ratho Farm, Bothwell, TAS

Like St Andrews in Scotland, Ratho Farm in Bothwell is said to be the oldest golf course in Australia. It's unclear whether that´s true or not, but it´s definitely worth a visit. If you´re a golf enthusiast, who loves to tell anecdotes about their golfing highlights, Ratho Farm meets all the conditions to be part of your personal storybook.

Bonville Golf Resort, NSW

Bonville Golf Resort in New South Wales is the national park among golf courses. If a golf enthusiast like you feels the urge to stow away the putter and to take the camera out instead, we all know we must be talking about some extraordinary level of beauty.

Barnbougle (The Dunes), Bridgeport, TAS

You´ll soon understand why the Barnbougle Golf Course in Tasmania carries the byname of “The Dunes”: The sand trap at the fourth hole is one of the biggest in the southern hemisphere. Trying to get your ball out of there is a different kind of golfing experience.

Nullarbor Links, SA and WA

If you want to play Nullarbor Links, you´ll not only need a parking spot at Melbourne Airport, but also a rental car: At a length of almost 1.400km, Nullarbor Links is the longest golf course in the world – being part of South Australia and Western Australia at the same time.

Narooma Golf Club, NSW

Golf enthusiasts love the special challenge of hole number 3 at Narooma. But the stunning views of the coast is another reason why you shouldn´t miss out on Narooma. 

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