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The Top 6 Golf Courses in the World

Today's traditional game of golf has been played since the fifteenth century. There is no lack of excellent golf courses to select from, varying from the modest, sheep-grazing areas of the original courses in the British Islands to the major sites of the Open Rota and to the broad wonders in the United States and Australia.
The three distinguishing factors for this listing will be lineage, attractiveness, and diversity (in terms of amazing design values). After all, this is not precise science, and any rating is completely opinionated. As a result, feel free to argue or debate. Each and every debate ultimately benefits the sport we all adore and contributes to help improve venues.

top 6 courses

6. Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Royal Melbourne, Australia's most prestigious golfing facility, has featured dozens of Australian Amateur Championships and 16 Australian Opens. Reviewers frequently marvel at Mackenzie's design, green positioning and bunkering that complement its surroundings.
The diversity of interesting scenery (and excellent greenery) at Melbourne's Eastern course, has players and fans very excited. However, Royal Melbourne is also about the talented artist, Mackenzie, and how he operated in an unfamiliar environment, now neighbouring wealthy hotels and nearby real money casinos.

5. Scotland’s Muirfield

Muirfield, a 16-time venue of the Open Championship, merely embodies tradition, and after being reinstated to the Open Rota following a decision to eventually accept women as members, the Honourable Society of Edinburgh Golfers' avoided jeopardizing its illustrious status. Phil Mickelson's victory at the 2013 Open has now cemented this course's place in recent times.Muirfield has a glorious history as a site of the Open Championship. Its history is among the greatest in golf, with an aesthetic to match.

4. Royal Dornoch Golf Club

Royal Dornoch, on the foundation of Ross' inspiration and an iconic Old Tom stroke of genius, is one of Scotland's best link courses. It's a pity that most golf enthusiasts have not seen it. Dornoch’s greens are predominantly raised, posing a genuine challenge due to unpredictable Scottish winds.Old Tom Morris' second greatest Scottish golf facility is not well known outside the UK. Dornoch was also the old course of designer Donald Ross. Dornoch's is overlooked due to the relative lack of accessibility which sadly weakens its true pedigree.

3. Shinnecock Hills - New York

Shinnecock features a great design and you'll find lots of this in the New York and New Jersey region. The U.S.G.A are typically superb judges of circuit characteristics and they feel passionately about William Flynn’s beauty.
This venue has held 4 US Opens. Flynn's revision of an original Macdonald model, one of the oldest links courses in the United States, is the Holy Grail for circuit enhancements, hence why the track has not changed since.

2. Cypress Point Golf Club

Once a member of the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, it was removed from the trio in the 1990s. Nevertheless, it’s an absolutely superb golf course. Alistair MacKenzie created the most spectacular path possible across this incredible land.
Golfing at Cypress must seem like playing on the shores of heaven, with its cliff hugging beauty. This course decided to stay short by today’s modern standards (just over 6,500 yards) instead of adding yardage to battle newer technology and judges are glad they did.

1. New Jersey’s Pine Valley Venue

In the hinterlands of New Jersey, there is a hidden, unique golf venue. Pine Valley gives the appearance of a sandy course surrounded by dense forests. And if it seems insanely fantastic to you, that’s because it is!
Pine Valley does not host big tournaments except for the odd event, including the Crump Cup. This Cup is an amateur tournament welcomes spectators to attend. George Crump, the course’s creator, enlisted the help of some of the finest architectural brains of the twentieth century to design this one of a kind and arguably World number one golf course.