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6 Pro Tips for Beginner Golfers to Improve Their Swing

Simplicity is almost always a better option to complexity, provided you have a choice. The statement holds ground for beginner golfers as well, if not incredibly so. If you are starting to learn to play golf, you can make things simpler and understand better. For instance, if you flare up your front foot while addressing it will serve you a great deal to produce long, straight drives. If you practice from day one of your golf learning, it will help you get a significant confidence boost. However, all golfers, especially new ones, could do with some helpful tips, which have been proved and are practical. But observing all suggestions are not natural to all people all the time. You need to keep at it till you have made it a part of your natural golf play. These small adjustments can potentially make a big difference to your game, especially to your game.

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The six pro tips for today are as follows:

1. Make Sure Your Shoulder Is Tilted Back At Address
You can quickly and generate loft and distance by tilting your shoulders while at a tee box shot. When you lean, your spine turns away from the target. It makes the process of hitting your golf club sweet spot far easier. However, remember to tilt using your hips and not your waist. If you need to hit a low shot, on the other hand, you should level your shoulders. Another crucial thing to mention in this context is the importance of a passive dominant side. It determines the backswing and follow-through.

2. Use Your Front Knee To Pull Down
If you are trying to hit an iron, then swinging down on the ball would be helpful. A straightforward way to achieve the same is by pulling down with your front knee. You can then proceed to transfer your body weight to your front foot from the back one. This lets you get in a position where you can hit down on the ball with ease. By using this method, you also can get rid of the costly swing flaw of scooping.

3. Make Sure Your Whole Body Is Aligned To The Shot
You want to aim dead at your address target. Your entire body needs to be aligned to the shot, not just the club head and your shoulder. Just suppose your clubhead and shoulders are pointed in the right direction. In contrast, the other part of the body points towards the left, then the chances of you hitting the ball straight or in the intended direction are slim. That makes it necessary for you to align your body right every time you take a shot.

4. Make Sure That You Use Lots Of Pot Loft
Beginners tend to find the practice of hitting lofted shots to be especially effective at boosting their confidence levels. However, if you hit low shots, it is likely to result in more scooping than a proper loft, something beginner golfers want to avoid. It is one of the most damaging and lethal swing flaws any golfer can have. If you want your shots to have a loft, then you need to practice hitting shots using one of the clubs which are most suited for lofts like PW, 9-iron, and SW. It will help you to get in a good posture and will let you strike the ball better.

5. Ensure That You Swing Around The Body
It is common to find beginner golfers to start their swings by swaying back and forth. Avoid this as it will only sap your power. Instead, you will do better if you can swing around your body to ensure that your swing has optimized strength when delivering an off the tee swing.

6. Don’t Swing Over The Top
Swinging over the top refers to getting into your swing path into the ball from outside. It results in a slice, which is also the result of having an open-faced club at the impact of hitting a shot. It is another type of swing flaw that you want to avoid, so you should try to hit a draw. The flight of the ball will be better in this case than an off the tee shot. The five following steps would help you better to hit a draw:

  • Make sure your stance is closed
  • Play the ball back a bit
  • Ensure a firm grip and that your lead hand is turned in
  • Swing to a path from the outside to inwards
  • Make sure that you are correctly balanced throughout your swing

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It will help beginner golfers a great deal to work on their tips in their quest to get a grip over their game. Practice makes perfect, and that’s the key to success in golf too. However, to keep things simple, don’t try to learn too many things at one time. In each golfing session, practice adequately and hit thirty to fifty balls. And avoid complications. Grace to golf!