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Rangefinder: What Is It, Why Do You Need One, And How To Pick A Perfect Option?

If you are a true fan of golf, probably you have wondered how to hit those balls closer to the target? If this sounds like you, we have a solution you could rely on! The rangefinder is an excellent tool to take your game to an entirely new level. This tool is used to calculate the distance from where you are to the target. The information it gives you can help choose the right technique and power of your swing to make a better hit.

rangefindersHow Does Rangefinder Help Improve Your Performance?
Let’s face the truth, in order to hit the target, a golfer needs to consider a few important factors including the distance to the flag, needed power and speed, and even weather conditions. A rangefinder is a tool that can help you identify the first two. It quickly defines the distance even if the flag located behind the trees or bushes. Given the distance, in its turn, will suggest the type of swing and power you should apply in order to hit as close as possible. Thus, it is a must-have tool for every golfer!

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Tool?
If you have never used a rangefinder before, you are probably wondering how to choose a good one. In fact, there are a few essential characteristics to consider and here are the key ones:

This is one of the most vital things to pay attention to. Of course, tools with extensive range are generally better, but keep in mind that they are worthless if the result is inaccurate.

This is the second most important factor – the more accurate rangefinder you pick, the more you can rely on the data it provides, which means that your shots will be more accurate as well. Thus, we recommend opting for those tools with the highest accuracy.

Water Resistance
This is not that important if you only get out on the course in good, warm weather. However, if you play under the rain or during the winter season, you should not neglect this point, as it will make your rangefinder last longer.

Battery Life
There is no need to explain why this point is important. Obviously, if you are an active player, you would want your rangefinder to last as long as possible. If that’s the case, search for tools with larger battery capacity.

Ease Of Use
In fact, as technology has evolved, rangefinders have become handier and more reliable. Thus, it is fair to say that modern tools are quite simple in use, but it is still a point worth considering.

When it comes to such tools, the price range can differ significantly. Luckily, rangefinders are available for pretty much any budgets. Thus, you can find the best golf rangefinder under $100, and it will serve you well. Same way, you can get one over $500, and it will also work just fine. Therefore, price is important, but it is impossible to define a “perfect” price range, as everyone should decide what suits them most.