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Titleist TSR Fairway Metals

Engineered to Give Every Player an Advantage with their Metalwood Setup

When Titleist engineers set out to design the next generation of Titleist Speed Project fairway metals, their goals were clear, improve upon the four F’s: Flight, Feel, Form and Forgiveness. The result is an all-new lineup of Titleist TSR metalwoods, featuring three distinct models packed with technology and advanced refinements that can benefit every player.
“The new TSR fairway metals exemplify the newest advancements in metalwood technology and offer options for all golfers looking to gain an advantage off the tee and off the deck,” said Stephanie Luttrell, Director, Metalwood Development, Titleist. “Combined with its tour-inspired shaping and powerful sound and feel, the optimized performance of TSR fairways sets a new standard for the Titleist Speed Project.”

tsr fairway

Available in Australian and New Zealand golf shops on September 30, with fittings beginning today, the Titleist TSR2, TSR2+ and TSR3 fairways are engineered to give every player an advantage with their metal wood setup.
“Our number one goal was to optimize the CG (Center of Gravity), and it is now as low as it has ever been on a Titleist fairway metal,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “The lower the CG, the higher the launch. We want to get the weight down, so the golfer can get the ball up. By lowering the CG in each model through our Open Hosel Construction, we also improved the overall performance, including speed, launch angle, spin, flight, feel and forgiveness. Golfers want to see the golf ball get up in the air with their fairway metal, and with the new TSR we achieved that goal.”



Open Hosel Construction: One of the key new features of TSR2, TSR2+ and TSR3 fairways is the Open Hosel Construction. Titleist engineers were able to remove excess weight found high and towards the heel of the clubhead, which allowed them to reposition weight and make improvements to essential areas of performance. In the TSR3 fairways, engineers utilized the Open Hosel Construction to shift the CG deeper and lower while simultaneously moving it closer to the center of the face. This change creates even more forgiveness and higher launch.
Low, Face-Centered CG: Dramatic shifts in CG are constant throughout all three fairway offerings. The TSR2 features Titleist’s lowest ever CG for an all-steel construction, while the TSR2+ boasts the deepest CG of any Titleist fairway metal. TSR3 has an even deeper and lower CG than its predecessor. The CG location is engineered for the specific needs of each fairway model, but all result in maximum levels of forgiveness, high launch, and speed.
Player-Tuned Performance: Another commonality between TSR2, TSR2+, and TSR3 is the player-tuned performance. Implementing key feedback from tour professionals, every detail contained in the look, feel, and sound of TSR fairways has been scrutinized to deliver a metal wood that instills confidence in every player.


TSR2: High, far, and forgiving, the TSR2 fairway features maximum forgiveness and the lowest CG of the TSR fairway metal line, resulting in fast speeds and a high ball flight.

  • TSR2 fairways feature the lowest CG ever for an all-steel construction to create speed and launch without excessive spin.
  • New Open Hosel Construction created space for sizable improvements to key areas of performance by removing unwanted weight high and towards the heel.
  • Engineered to sound and feel powerful, giving players a lively response on every strike.
  • Adjustable swing weight, fixed CG location.
  • High launch, mid-spin
  • Available lofts: RH: 15.0 | 16.5 | 18.0 | 21.0; LH: 15.0 | 16.5 | 18.0

tsr fairway

TSR2+: Inspired by the wants and needs of some of the world’s top tour professionals, the TSR2+ fairway is a new addition to the TS fairway family, designed to be a long, forgiving, and tee-biased 3 wood that does not sacrifice playability off the deck.

  • Built for the tee, TSR2+ has a larger profile, taller face and more forgiveness than TSR2, perfect for those seeking more length and accuracy from their 3-wood.
  • Featuring the deepest CG location of any Titleist fairway metal, TSR2+ is engineered for maximum forgiveness and a straight, pure ball flight.
  • TSR2+ was asked for by Tour Pros but is built to benefit all golfers looking for a long and straight option off the tee that is still extremely playable off the deck.
  • Adjustable swing weight, fixed CG location.
  • Mid/high launch, mid-spin
  • Available lofts: RH: 13.0 | LH: 13.0

tsr fairway

TSR3: For players seeking precision-tuned performance, featuring a lower, deeper CG and a new-and-improved 5-position SureFit Adjustable CG Track System.

  • The ultimate fairway metal when it comes to adjustability is designed with a new, easy-to-adjust 5-position SureFit Adjustable CG Track System to fine tune performance.
  • Featuring the same Open Hosel Construction as TSR2 fairways, the TSR3’s CG has been positioned deeper, slightly lower, and closer to face center to provide easy, high launch with plenty of forgiveness.
  • Everything from the look, sound, and feel of TSR3 encourages players to hit it square and long with total precision.
  • Adjustable swing weight and CG location.
  • Mid/high launch, low-spin
  • Available lofts: RH: 13.5 | 15.0 | 16.5 | 18.0 | LH: 15.0, 16.5



With a fit for every player, TSR’s featured and premium shaft options represent a wide range of performance profiles. Players can choose from four high performance featured shafts or upgrade to one of three premium Graphite Design shafts. In addition, Titleist also offers an industry-leading number of custom shaft choices. The Titleist SureFit hosel for the TSR is compatible with all TSi, TS, 917, 915 and 913 fairway metals.

tsr fairway


Titleist TSR fairway metals are available in Australian and New Zealand golf shops beginning September 30. SRP Australia: $525 | $825 (Premium) SRP New Zealand: $589 | $929 (Premium)