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7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Golf Clubs

Caring for your clubs is important both on and off the golf course. Your clubs are an investment and are worth a lot to you. If you are extra prone to damages, you may want to consider contents insurance, however, we suggest you weigh up the cost-benefit of this decision. Aside from that, here are seven simple ways to take care of your golf clubs.

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Safe Storage
Store your golf clubs at home somewhere safe. As tempting as it is to keep them in your car, ready to use at any time, it is best to keep them somewhere that is not susceptible to weather and temperature changes. Your car’s temperature will increase during the day, which can impact and warp your clubs. Be safe and keep them in a closet at home to take care of them for a long time.

Keep Them Dry
You always want to keep your clubs dry. Wet clubs can lead to rust and water damage. As mentioned, you want to store your clubs somewhere dry, but always wipe down your clubs if you have been playing somewhere that is susceptible to moisture or dew. It is good practice to keep a towel close by to wipe down your clubs.

If you travel a lot, consider the type of bag that you use. Certain bags provide more protection than others, which is especially helpful if you travel through stations or airports where baggage handlers may not take care of your clubs the way you want them to. Look for bags that provide the support that you need, as well as travel-friendly for you to move easily.

Cleaning While On The Course
Your clubs are the most susceptible to dirt and moisture while you are playing. You want to periodically clean your clubs between rounds, even if that is a simple wiping. This won’t take much time or effort but will save you from buildup or accumulation of dirt from sweat, sunscreen, and other debris on your clubs.

Cleaning Off The Course
Sometimes, you will still need to clean your clubs off the course, especially if it has been quite some time since you hit the links. To ensure that your clubs are properly taken care of, take your time after every round to give them a quick wash. This is mostly applicable to the head of the club as that is the most exposed part to debris and dirt on the golf course.

Regular Inspection 
Check your clubs for things like dents and scratches. Your clubs can go through a lot, and it is wise to inspect them closely to address any such issues. This will help you understand how best to maintain them with the right procedures and even repairs if the situation calls for it.

Head Covers
In order to keep the head of your golf club pristine, covers are an important accessory to have and use. This ensures that during storage and even while on the course, your clubs stay protected from the elements, moisture, and the dirt around.

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Your golf clubs are an expensive asset to own. It is smart to protect them to ensure that they will be usable for years to come. There are many ways to protect them, it is just a matter of detail and effort.