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Top Things Every Golfer Beginner Needs to Know

If you’re a golfer newbie, there are many things you’ll have to learn. Here, you’ll find some tips to make the journey easier and simpler.

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Top Tips for Golf Newbies

Starting anything from scratch isn’t easy, but things can become a lot better in the blink of an eye with the right approach and positive attitude. If you decide to explore the world of golf, it means a new adventure awaits. Since being a newbie comes with many challenges, gathering advice is always good. Finding some valuable tips can be as simple as exploring Here are some helpful guidelines for beginners in golf. Read on to prepare for the journey.

Start With Outfit, Shoes & Sunscreen

Many people jump into the whole golf thing. It all begins with the plan to visit a course and booking an available tee time. However, many completely forget about outfits, proper shoes, and protection from the sun. Wear something that feels comfortable. Footwork is essential in golf, so you’ll need a pair good golf shoes. Most leading shoe brands have a golf line, so make sure to explore the options and invest in a pair that will serve you well. You’ll be spending the time outside on the course, so don’t forget to bring and apply the sunscreen regularly.

Don’t Overthink

When you are new to something, especially something as complex, thrilling, and engaging as golf, you may think about  manythings. Will I hit the ball? Am I standing correctly? And so on. When doing that, you miss all the fun. Instead, you should relax and be present in the moment. As Tony Sloterman - the Product Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder company likes to say, it’s important to enjoy everything to the fullest. And when you overthink, there’s no space for enjoyment.

What’s the Ideal Time for Newbies to Play?

The next thing that’s pretty important is choosing the right time to play golf. The weekends are pretty busy and crowded. And when you are about to play for the first time, crowds can make you even more nervous. So, it would be best to avoid weekend mornings. On the other hand, choosing twilight can be an excellent choice and it usually less crowded. Most courses have websites, so you can check available times online and book the one that works for you.

Investing in the Equipment?

Preferably after several lessons from an accredited professional, you’ll start exploring the courses and the game. In the beginning, the smartest option is to rent the equipment. Over time, if you like spending time on the course and playing golf, you can consider investing in the bag and clubs, etc. But right at the start, renting is much better.


If you are a golf beginner, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before heading to the course and start playing. Wear comfortable clothes and the right shoes. Do not forget to bring sunscreen. When you reach the course, enjoy the session! Don’t overthink and stress about everything. When booking, choose twilight instead of busy mornings. It’s much better for newbies. At the start of the journey, rent the equipment. Invest into bag and clubs later. Last but not least, have fun all the way!