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Ladies in Golf: the Most Prominent Historic Facts

Golf was a sport just for males for a long time with women forbidden to play. But changes came and ladies have now made their mark on the sport. So, let`s have a look at the most interesting facts in the women’s game.  

Golf was forbidden for ladies

Women have always had to fight for their rights and the golf industry was no exception. In the early days, an overwhelming number of golf courses did not welcome women at all. Here is one example; there is a note about women’s denial of access to a club in 1946. It was made by the secretary of Royal Liverpool.
Similar occurrences happened in the gambling industry where ladies did not have an opportunity to visit casinos or clubs. However, that too has changed especially with the rise of online gambling. Women can visit any website with different options. This is an online casino that offers games that will be interesting for male and female players.

The first female championship

The first championship for ladies was in 1900. It took place at the MCGC, in the USA. Another tournament came a bit later in 1911 in Sweden where Viveka Rosencrantz became a champion. A Mary Stuart was noted as the first woman to play golf.

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3 first ladies in golf

Among all ladies who adored playing golf, three are known as pioneers in this sport. They are Helen Hicks, Babe Zaharias (the first lady who challenged males in a professional championship), and Annika Sörenstam, arguably the greatest player of the women’s game.

Changes in women`s dress code

The first dress regulations for ladies were not functional and convenient. But in the 1920s that too changed. The long skirt was transformed into a slimmer one, so nothing was a hindrance during their round.

The foundation of the Ladies Professional Golf Association

This organisation (known as LPGA) is the first ladies pro golf establishment in the USA. It continues today. It started in 1950, thanks to Babe Zaharias, and 14 competitions were run during the first season of its appearance. Today it holds 33 tournaments in every season.

Changes in the 21st century

Nowadays, ladies are accepted on the course and in the Clubhouses around the world. They have a lot of new opportunities and among these are two recent examples:

2015 - the appearance of the first Swedish golf club for ladies
2017 – Ladies became a part of the HCEG.