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Top 7 Golf Shoes worth considering in 2020

A good pair of golf shoes can last you a long time. So whether you’re a rookie or a pro player, it makes sense to invest in the best you can afford. Your shoes are the foundation of your golf swing. They give you stability and traction. And they keep your feet warm and dry as you work your way around the course.

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Modern advancements mean there are so many choices when it comes to golf shoes. Spikes or spikeless? Leather or GoreTex? All-weather or dry weather? Your golfing style and preferences should be taken into account when you’re buying shoes. An occasional player will want to spend less on shoes than someone who hits the course every single day. If you’re on the lookout for your next pair of golf shoes, consider these top picks for 2020.

Adidas adicross retro spikeless
The casual golfer will get a lot of wear out of these spikeless shoes. They’re relaxed and understated, so you’d be forgiven for sporting these on and off the green. Modelled on a classic Adidas style, these retro shoes offer sleek and subtle styling. As with most sneaker styles, these would be better suited to a dry day or occasional use. With the integrated cloudfoam comfort sock liner, you’ll get a perfect fit that hugs your foot in a cocoon of softness. 

PUMA RS-G golf shoes
The PUMA RS-G is a sneaker-inspired golf shoe that wouldn’t look out of place off the course. Following the chunky sneaker trend, these golf shoes offer a wide sole that is comfortable to wear for a long time. It also offers a strong foundation as you prepare for your swing. The PUMA RS-G Golf Shoes won’t be suited to those who prefer a traditional golf shoe that hugs the foot, but if you prefer to prioritise style and comfort, this is the choice for you. These shoes will be better suited to a dry course, occasional use, and a relaxed dress code.

Under Armour UA hovr
Those with wider feet will know just how important it is to find a shoe that fits your width. Wearing a narrow shoe will pinch the toes and prevent you from getting proper traction with the ground. It will also make it incredibly uncomfortable to wear for a full round of golf. The solution? These Under Armour UA hovr shoes are wide fit and feature a unique layer of “hovr” foam. This allows you to harness the energy that you put into your swing. These would be more suited to a dry day or occasional use.

Nike Air Jordan V
Another classic sneaker style getting the golf shoe treatment. The Nike Air Jordan V features a low silhouette, microfibre top and seven removable CHAMP Zarma Tri-Lok Cleats on each shoe. They’re available in some bold and bright colours, including black and grape and white with a tie-dye accent. These shoes offer ultimate traction in an incredibly stylish package. As with most sneaker styles, these shoes are better suited to more relaxed clubhouses. 

Nike roshe g tour
If you enjoy a traditional silhouette but want an updated design, the Nike roshe g tour will serve you well. It’s a mid-range shoe that fits close to the foot, offering a protective cocoon of leather that will keep you dry in all weather. The removable cleats will ensure you have excellent traction in all weather and on steep inclines. This will ensure you always enjoy good traction and contact with the ground throughout your swing.

Under Armour men’s UA Spieth

A premium golf shoe from Under Armour’s Jordan Spieth range. These shoes will keep you dry with the Gore-Tex upper and two-year waterproof warranty. They will also fit incredibly close to the foot thanks to the small 3D cushion design that hugs the foot for a perfect fit and complete control. If you like to feel close to the ground, this is the driest way to achieve that. Designed by a leading biomechanist, these shoes are intended to help improve your game, so they’re perfect for the serious golfer.

Footjoy tour X spiked
For the traditional golf shoe fans, the Footjoy tour X spiked offers a classic silhouette and classic styling. The Powerplate insole allows you to recycle the energy from your swing, translating it into more power and drive. The 3D moulded collar offers additional foot support that will ensure you stay stable and grounded throughout your swing. These fully waterproof shoes will keep your toes dry and warm throughout the most blustery weather. They’re also available in a wide or regular fit for the perfect fit.

There’s no shortage of golf shoes available in 2020. Innovation in fabrics and designs is at its peak, so don’t suffer in an old pair of shoes. Explore a few different styles and find something that works for you.