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Bettinardi SS5 Putter

The SS5 is a classic from the word GO! It has now been perfected by the patented one-piece milling. With winners on all tours, this putter is pure confidence. The SS5 features Bettinardi’s patented tour F.I.T. face, which gives a soft, yet solid feel at impact.


Weight: 350G
Material: Soft Carbon Steel
Finish: Black Iris
Grip: Lime Winn
Headcover: Bettinardi Lime
Dexterity: Right-Handed



Not many people outside of the US have heard of Bettinardi, but you've seen them in action. Jesper Parnevik shooting a record 23 under par in 1999, Vijay Singh and Jim Furyk winning majors? That's a pretty good pedigree for a company just 14 years old and numbering around 50 employees - hardly a global goliath. But for the first time, Bettinardi's hand crafted putters are available down under so we thought we'd take one for a spin...

The first thing you notice is the Scotty Cameron-esque head cover (very nice) and next thing is the pure craftsmanship of the putter head. This is no mass produced, off the shelf piece of equipment. You can see the effort that's gone into crafting them from the milled lettering on the base to the honeycomb milling on the face. But that's all very well I hear you say, but how do they roll? Very nice actually. They have a pleasant neutral feel which allows them to follow a natural swing plane. Ball striking is an equally pleasant experience with a crisp sound and plenty of feel with both tiddlers and lengthy putts.

The founder and owner, Robert J Bettinardi is very proud of his name and what it stands for and even though he's been offered opportunity to set up facilities to mass produce his putters in China, he is committed to producing low quantity, high quality putters that are personally checked by himself before they leave the workshop.

Comparisons are constantly made between Scotty Cameron and Bettnardi, and I can see why. both are hand crafted, both are works of art and both will show you how a putt should roll when well struck....straight in the middle of the cup!

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Robert Bettinardi

His objective clear, Robert Bettinardi set out in 1991 and began crafting some of the world's finest putters. Already a master engineer milling parts for the defense and medical industries, his talents were sharp and appropriate to make the move into the world of golf. After creating some of his own prototypes, Bettinardi was soon designing and producing putters alongside some of the industry's best and was in demand by golf's top OEM's. Over the next seven years Bettinardi would hone his skills and become recognized as the premier engineer of One-Piece milled putters.

He was prepared and eager to put his own name on the putters he created and in 1998 Bettinardi Golf was born. Some of the original prototypes from that era are among the most sought-after by collectors today. His first milestone came in 1999 when Jesper Parnevik shot 23 under par for a tournament record 265 at the Greater Greensboro Open using a Bettinardi BB-10. A few years later with major tournament wins by Jim Furyk and Vijay Singh would seal the deal: Bettinardi was the name in milled putters.

The company

Bettinardi's staff has grown from a mere handful in the 90's to now over 50 employees designing, crafting, and fitting One-Piece putters (and now high-end, stylish Buckles) for players around the world.

Born in Chicago, Robert Bettinardi carries on a family tradition of quality metal craft. His father, a master miller as well, gave Robert his early exposure to the field of engineering. From the age of 12 on, his summers were spent working in his father's machining facility learning the craft from the ground up. He would go on to receive his degree from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and would later open his own engineering and milling facility, X-Cel Technologies in Tinley Park, IL, producing parts for the defense and medical industries.

An avid golfer even as a young man, Bettinardi combined his passions and began crafting One-Piece Technology putters in the early 90's, and founded Bettinardi Golf in 1998.

Through his dedication to precision and innovation, the Bettinardi name has become synonymous with quality in the world of golf.


In an era in which many manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to move their operations overseas, Bettinardi Golf is proud to be one of the few putter makers to have remained in the United States. Despite numerous offers to set up facilities in China and elsewhere, Robert J. Bettinardi remains committed to his staff, his community, and ultimately his dream to produce the finest putters requiring extreme attention to detail. As he notes, "My office is 15 feet from the shop floor; I can see every piece being created, make quick changes if needed. I can oversee all operations and insure the quality that the Bettinardi name produces. I couldn't do that if my shop were 6,000 miles away…"

Dedication to quality means dedication to quality craftsmen. The highest quality craftsmen are found in the United States of America. They are the force behind Bettinardi Golf's success. For that, we cannot thank them enough. When you try a Bettinardi Putter, you'll want to thank them, too.