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How Was 2020 for Online Golf Betting?

The popularity of online golf betting has been on an upward trend in recent years, particularly due to the unending action of the sport. Naturally, some golf events draw a bigger audience than others but there is almost some event to bet on all year round.
Golf betting has also advanced, offering players multiple betting options. There was a time when betting on the winner before a game began was the only way that you could get into the action. Nowadays, props and matchup bets have become conventional.
Online casinos continue to report an upsurge in the amount of revenue collected from golf betting every year. The amount of money that is wagered on golf will probably continue to increase considering the easy access to betting in online casinos.
While golf betting is popular, the second quarter of 2020 was not that profitable for the industry as most online casinos had anticipated at the start of the year. A lot came to a stop due to Coronavirus, and below is an overview of how the year was like for golf betting.

Impact of COVID-19 on Golf Betting

The COVID-19 pandemic has had adverse impacts on most industries worldwide including the cancellation or postponement of major sports events. Golf events were among those that were canceled or postponed back in March when the WHO announced the outbreak of the virus.
This had a major impact on golf sports betting as many people were forced to rely on daily fantasy golf tournaments for their golf betting needs. For bettors who aren’t fans of daily fantasy sports, they had nothing much to opt for, rather than wait for golf events to resume.
Concerns over how fast the virus was spreading caused the cancellation of some notable events under the PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions, and USGA among others.  Others under these categories were postponed to later dates.
The events attract many bettors and with their cancellation, there was very little action with golf betting. During the pandemic, there was a rapid decrease in the money wagered on golf Majors compared to the period before COVID-19.

Shifting the Focus

Normalcy is gradually returning, so there is a probability that golf betting will pick-up and continue at a good pace in the coming months. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, online casino operators and gamers had to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.
In the absence of golf betting on physical golf sports, operators had to introduce new ways through which bettors could still enjoy the exciting golf betting action. Quality online casino sites moved to Esports and made sure they were prominent on their websites and mobile apps.
More daily fantasy golf sports were also introduced in various online casinos. While some players may not find them as exciting as placing bets on the action that unfolds on physical golf courses, they were a better distraction than having nothing to consider at all.
Golf bettors could find a distraction in such games. They are also a good source of social interaction. Daily fantasy golf and Esports were a good way for casinos to maintain the interest of their clients and at the same time add a sense of competition as the pandemic was ongoing.

Post-Lockdown Progress

As lockdown measures started to ease, golf organizers announced that some events will resume this year, while others will reopen in 2021. The year is almost gone, so it would be impossible to have all the events take place within the remaining time.
Golf betting enjoyed a triumphant return as some events resumed. During the lockdown, more people were attracted to online casinos as this was among the readily available forms of entertainment.
Many people loved the convenience of being able to participate and place bets on virtual golf activities. This means that going forward, online casinos can anticipate higher returns from golf betting since the number of those who wager on the sport will have increased.

Betting on Golf

Golf betting is as exciting as watching the sport itself. Betting on this sport is also simple, making it ideal for seasoned and new bettors alike. There are plenty of betting options, from simple bets like match outcome to more advanced types like proposition bets.
Online bookmakers give you the chance to place more than one wager at a time, enabling you to spread your risks. Golf is a sport with many betting options and as bookmakers focus on making golf betting more attractive, it will not come as a surprise if new bet types are added.
Who knows what the future for golf betting looks like in a sector that is ever advancing? Anything is possible, including the addition of different golf types to the ones that are already available on the market.
Before you start betting on golf, you must identify a suitable bookmaker. They are quite many in the industry, with the number of legit and illegal sites being almost equal. For this reason, you have to be careful when looking for a site where you can enjoy golf betting.
Consider licensed bookmakers and not just any licensed site. Those licensed and regulated by strict and reputable regulatory authorities are better placed to offer you a safe gaming environment. Good sites are quite many, so finding a trustworthy one will not be challenging.


No person would have thought that global sporting events would come to a standstill and take months before they could be operational again. Most people would have laughed at such an idea, but this is exactly what happened in 2020.
The COVID-19 took a serious toll on golf events, making it almost impossible for gamers to enjoy golf betting. Bettors were forced to result to virtual golf betting, which many didn't find as interesting as betting on real sports.
With the effects of COVID-19 minimizing bettors can anticipate more golfing action in the coming year. Golf competitions are also reopening so gamers will be able to place bets on their favorite teams and players once again.