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Golf and Las Vegas - A Match Made in Heaven for Many

For most of us in Australia, the closest we get to combine our passion with golf with the thrills of a Vegas casino is having a go on a mobile slot, from one of the many apps offered at websites like Mobile Casino Kings. But nothing beats the real deal, and Vegas is the place to enjoy the combined experience.
Las Vegas isn’t called the capital of leisure and entertainment for nothing. The city has long reigned the world of indulgence and money-spending, and most of the investors go to incredible lengths to bring the best of entertainment for both the high-rollers and budget travelers.
Primarily a casino city, Las Vegas has gradually ventured into other domains with the hopes of attracting visitors with specific and refined tastes. And what better way to match their posh hotels and casinos that with just as luxurious golf resorts?
By matching two of the most profitable and attractive games for high spenders, the largest names in entertainment have created an out-of-this-world combination for burning both stress and money, and yet no one seems to complain about it, as everyone says it’s well worth the investment.
Now, even though Vegas might not have as many golf courses as other US cities have, the ones that can be found in the city can proudly stand next to the best of best when it comes to quality.

The Bellagio and Shadow Creek
Speaking of quality, there can be no talk of golf in Vegas without mentioning the ultimate golf experience – the almost impossible-to-get-into Shadow Creek. This 7560 yd. par-72golf course is one of the best in the US and certainly tops all others in the Vegas area. It was designed and reconstructed by Tom Fazio and many aficionados fight to get play time on it. Officially open to the general public, Shadow Creek has long been an exclusive to guests of one of MGM’s Vegas resorts, and even being a guest can’t sometimes get you tee time. The course is so shrouded in mystique that it’s rarely advertised and promoted, and yet the effect is the opposite, the course is almost a legend in the Vegas area, with many celebrities and high rollers flocking to enjoy it.
To supplement the deluxe experience of the course, one can move on to one of MGM’s resorts like the Bellagio, where you can be pampered by the impeccably attentive staff at one of its many amenities and events, or go big at their famous casino.
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Caesar’s Palace and Cascata
For those who still want the premium experience of a golf course and a just as equal hotel and casino extravaganza, the city also has the Cascata course, second only to Shadow Creek, and offered by one of the top hotel casinos in Vegas – Caesar’s Palace.
The Cascata is just as you would expect it to be, a high-class, 7100 yd., par-72 spectacular golf course that was designed by Rees Jones. The club offers Tour-grade amenities and service, but at a much more reasonable price than Shadow Creek. From the moment you step in it, you realize that what you are getting is an “experience” and not just some plain golf time. Everything from the Tuscan clubhouse, the running river and strategically placed water holes, the picture-perfect landscapes, and the incredible road-tested caddies just oozes with rare perfection, which is exactly why it’s so much frequented by many connoisseurs. And when you finish playing, you can take a break at the famous Caesar’s Palace, where you’ll definitely find something to enjoy, be it their well-known casino or one of their restaurants, lounges, bars, shops and pools.

Wynn Las Vegas Resort and The Wynn
Another Tom Fazio design that has attracted the attention of seasoned players, despite being a new addition, is the Wynn Golf Course at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort. Wynn is a 7,193 yd., par-72 course with such picturesque landscapes and drastically altered terrain that make it a surreal oasis among the dessert and concrete that swallow up the rest of the city. Just like other top golf picks in Vegas, the club offers high-grade service and amenities, but what really sets it apart is that it’s located directly on the Strip, unlike other courses. The resort itself doesn’t fall short on luxury either, and it’s a perfect match to its course.

The Paiute Golf Resort
And if you want to separate your golfing from your casino experience, there are many golf clubs that offer some of the best courses Vegas has to offer. One example is The Wolf Course at the Paiute Golf Club - a Pete Dye-designed, 7,604 yd., Par 72 course set among breathtaking desert landscapes within an hour drive from the city. The resort itself doesn’t offer casino or any many of the entertainment amenities found in the city’s resorts, but its vast clubhouse and serene, picturesque surroundings make it worth your time. You can always grab a car and hit the city, or just book the course from your Vegas hotel.

All in all, if you’re looking to do some well-worth spending in supreme Las Vegas Casinos and indulge yourself in the many facilities they have to offer while scratching some of the best golf courses in the US off your bucket list, then Las Vegas is definitely your match made in heaven.  

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