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Garmin #1 for GPS watches

Golf is a numbers game - always will be. One of the most important numbers every golfer needs to know is the yardage to the pin - without it we're lost!
For years golfers have relied on yardage tips by bits of painted wood to indicate 100 or 150 meters or little numbers sporadically placed on sprinkler heads. This added a bit of mystery to the game, but that mystery is no longer now that GPS devices are becoming more and more popular on the fairways of the world.
GPS devices use a network of satellites around the planet to precisely tell you where you are and when this is paired with a mapped course will tell you within a meter how far you've got to drop one a few inches from the pin for a tap in birdie.
This is very clever technology, but with Garmin watches, GPS has never been easier to use. Simply walk up to the first tee, tap to start a round and the watch will locate the satellites and ask you to confirm the course you're standing on and that's it...away you go. It'll tell you distance to the front, middle and back of each green, you can go to green view mode and drag the virtual pin around the green if you see it's placed in a particular position and you can even measure a shot with the tap of a button (great fun if you cream a drive off the tee!)
The devices were seen as gimmicks when they first came on the scene, as many were (and still are) not very accurate. However Garmin is the world’s most respected GPS Company and once you've tried one of these things, you'll feel naked on the course without one.

Approach S3, the touchscreen GPS golf watch – instant, simple, precise
RRP $369 – visit emotion golf to purchase

Rugged and waterproof, the Approach S3 golf watch is another benchmark for GPS innovation within the golf market. Packed with 27,000+ worldwide courses without subscriptions or fees, S3 displays yardages to the front, back and middle of greens. The S3 also introduces a high-resolution, glove-friendly touchscreen display, Green View with manual pin positioning, distances to doglegs and layups, customizable yardage points and printable digital scorecards for Stroke play and Stableford.

Touch & Move the Pin
Green View shows you the true shape and layout of the green. Use the touchscreen to manually move the pin to the day’s location. This is especially helpful on par-3’s where you’ll be able to dial in the distance you need, and fire away with confidence.

Play Preloaded Courses for Free
No larger than a typical sports watch, the comfortable S3 is filled with 27,000+ preloaded courses from around the globe – all without extra fees or subscriptions. Plus, whenever we release more courses, you can download them for free.

Customize the Distances You Need
Approach S3 gives you distances to the front, back and center of the green, and you can see distances to doglegs. S3 also allows players to input and save customizable yardage points – like water hazards or bunkers – from anywhere on the course.

Keep Score and See How Far You Hit It
Approach S3 debuts digital scorecard options for individual players. Scoring options include Stroke play and Stableford, and you can save, review and print scorecards from your home computer. Plus, when you hit a big one you can see how far it went with the Measure Shot feature.

Choose Your Style
The S3 is available in 2 sharp colour combinations – white with red trim and black with gray trim.

Wear it Everyday
The S3 functions as an everyday watch, and it has a odometer so you can see how far you walk each day, or every round you play. A round timer also is included so you can keep track of how long it took you to play 18.

Approach S1
RRP $179 – visit emotion golf to purchase

Approach S1 is unlike any other golf GPS. Combining a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with a lightweight, flexible sport watch, S1 gives you distance information to the front, back and middle of greens for over 1,000+ Australia & New Zealand courses. You can measure individual shot distances, track how far you walk on the course, and then use the alarm to get you up in the morning. Approach S1 is golf’s first full-featured sports watch and golf GPS in one.

Lock In Yardages & Measure Distances
Approach S1 will have you dialed in like a pro by providing yardages to the front, back and middle of the green. The sunlight viewable screen features large numbering for at-a-glance visibility. S1 also measures precise yardages for shots played from anywhere on the course. And for those that like to walk, there’s the S1 odometer to tell you how far you traveled – on the course, or off.

No Downloads, No Subscriptions
Unlike many golf GPS devices on the market, S1 comes preloaded with more than 1,000+ Australia & New Zealand courses – and we’re adding more all the time. There’s no need for subscriptions, downloads or additional set up – S1 is ready to tee off out of the box.

Sleek Everyday Watch
S1’s cool look belies the tough, rugged, waterproof design. Fitted for course playability, S1 also functions as an every day watch. There’s an alarm, rechargeable lithium ion battery and S1 sets its time and time zone automatically.