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Golf Courses Online: How to Learn Playing Golf without Leaving Home

Golf is considered an "Elite Game," and many view the game as complex and challenging to understand. With the invention of the internet, more and more people are learning how to play golf online without leaving the comfort of their homes. You can enjoy a game or two, get a TrueBlue Casino bonus, or seek a golf game on the platform and begin your learning process.

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List of the Best Golf Courses Online

Online golf platforms and information websites provide beginners with instructional videos and other playing materials plus tips on becoming a great player. As a new player, receiving guidance on playing golf lifts your workload, and it becomes easier to learn this enigmatic game. Here are some of the ways to learn to play golf without leaving your home:

  • Play Golf Video Games
  • Employ an online golf coach
  • Watching Golfing Matches
  • Get Any Online Golf Magazines, DVDs, or Books
  • Get Your Gear and Practice While In the House

Play Golf Video Games

Research shows that whenever an individual follows a simulation or plays a game continuously, people gain the ability projected in the game. For instance, playing a shooter game may make the police or army officer increase his accuracy levels. A surgeon using his hands to play a game online involving hand and eye coordination becomes more visually capable and steady when performing a surgery. The same logic applies when learning how to play golf using video games.
Golf video games such as the Tiger Woods PGA Tour by EA Sports, Links 2003, or Cyber Tiger follow the sport's rules in the game development. These include score rules, ball flight laws, club selection, course management and reading greens. For instance, in Cyber Tiger, players have to start the golfing career at the very start before unlocking any other game or tournament level. Each level comes with new gear and game rules apply as your play. Gamers have to adhere to game rules, and some game creators design games such that your proficiency levels in the game can make you a pro in a physical golf course.

Employ an Online Golf Coach

If you decided to take up golf courses online, a good idea is to find a trusted site. Having done that, read some information and comments about the coaches and choose the best one for your golf lessons. Many people and businesses today are venturing into online platforms to work and earn a living. If you search for potential online golf coaches, you will find a list of the best online golf teachers or instructors to help you learn. An online coach brings a personal touch, can correct and affirm your learning through continuous practice and provides personalized services. You can use it to share or not share your golf coach with other students online.

Watching Golfing Matches

Watching golf matches can impart a lot of wisdom to a new player. For instance, you can plot a professional player's gaming route by watching how they play. "A pro can determine the no-go areas within the golf course such as water hazards, pot bunkers, ditches, or areas where they could end up short-sided," reports Golf Monthly, an online golf magazine. Always review the putts from a pro, and you will discover the putts are few. Have you ever seen a golf player getting angry and act up? Many golf players are tranquil, and their emotions never show. Watching golfing matches can impart the player’s temperament, ensuring you do not act out while on the actual course.
Most matches will highlight the mistakes any player makes at the end of the game. You can watch how the players remedy the oversight and improve their own skills by employing the same move. It can be challenging to get it all alone, but with determination, there is nothing you cannot do! However, these can help you improve on your posture, drills, grip, and swing.

Get Any Online Golf Magazines, DVDs or Books

You can get golf instructional videos, magazines, and books online. Players should read on the latest game tips or player tips, gear, or game gadgets available in the market and follow potential golf professionals or experts online. You can pick up pointers for use when you begin your actual practice on the golf course. One of the great ways to learn is to use books to prepare you mentally. You can use visualization techniques and course management to enhance your overall skills. DVDs can provide better instructions when it comes to mental preparation.
For instance, before taking a swing, a golf coach will advise the player to visualize how the swing will appear. You have to know how the swing feels by seeing the actual swing in your head before the club meets the golf ball. Course management helps to prepare you as an individual for a game or tournament. If using the same course every day, it is essential to mentally identify the pitfalls when playing, such as ditches, the sandy areas, or the water banks. With a mental picture, you can hit the ball to avoid these and land on the green grass, preferably closer to the hole.

Get Your Gear and Practice While In the House

Watching or reading without the actual practice will not bear any fruits. Golfspan, an online golf website, advises beginners to get ample room in the house to watch or play golf while following the instructions given on a video. If the online coach explains how to hold a club or stand when preparing to take a swing or the specific posture you should have when digging your golf from the sand, you as the student should have your bat out and swing it when the coach gives the signal. For instance, the Me and My Golf course online provide a simple video illustrating a perfect golf grip. A mirror should be your greatest buddy if following an instructional video and not an actual online coach. You can see whenever you make a mistake and strive to correct it.
Also, to play golf you should be fit. However, YouTube provides some of the best golf fitness instructional videos, the main focus you should have when selecting the golf fitness routines includes balance and individual flexibility levels. It allows you to turn your body at the right angle or make the right swing when on the field. Strengthening your core will enable you to relax, hold your breath and tune others out when playing to avoid distractions. Finally, you must have muscular strength as golf is a game that requires higher endurance levels.  Some of the best routines you can partake in include yoga, planks for abdominal exercises, and bodyweight exercises to help build muscles.


Golf courses online are simple and easy to follow. Learning without leaving your home can present a few challenges. However, suppose you employ the above methods, including video games, to learn how to play golf online, read books and magazines, watch matches, and watch online videos. In that case, you can become a proficient golf player without leaving your home.