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Australian Golf Schools


A Golf School with a Difference

FOR more than four decades Australian Golf Schools (AGS) has been honing the skills of golfers of all levels with great success.

Established in 1979, AGS’s principle, PGA professional Tom Linskey, is internationally recognised as an elite level coach whose pupils have won tournaments on major tours around the world.


HANDS-ON: PGA teaching professional Tom Linskey works with a student at Australian Golf Schools.

His golf coaching philosophy, principles and preferences are the foundation of the coaching program carried out at its headquarters at Emerald Lakes Golf Club, Carrara on the Gold Coast.
“The AGS coaching methods have been proven over many years and adapted to suit golfers of all skill levels,” said Linskey. “Our PGA accredited coaches happily teach golfers of any ability level and we guarantee both improvement and enjoyment.” 

“The coaching program at AGS varies to suit each pupil’s requirements,” added Linskey. “The program is entirely personalised and there is never more than three pupils per coach. 

“The personalisation of the program takes into account the pupil’s aims and aspirations, their ability level, their work ethic, their time available to practice and play on returning home and their previous experiences.” 

Over the years, AGS found that the five-day program delivered the best results when it came to new students. 

Most of these students return regularly for a two- or three-day ‘refresher school’ and on the occasion that students return for another five-day school the improvement in their game is massive. 


TRAP WORK: Australian Golf Schools’ students receiving a bunker lesson. 

The Emerald Lakes Coaching Centre, which is used as AGS’s base has recently been totally rebuilt and provides complete all-weather protection from sun, wind and rain. 

It also provides all the bells and whistles – state-of-the-art golf technology, club-head speed, ball speed, ball carry and distance, launch angle, swing path, face angle, video analysis and more. 

“We also have the latest golf club-fitting equipment because we are not happy trying to teach students if their equipment is not a compatible match for their swing,” Linskey explained.
The daily starting time for the school is normally around 8:30am. 

The mornings are spent on the range at Emerald Lakes either in the coaching centre or out on the grass tee or on the practice green or in the practice bunker. 

The tuition concentrates on each pupil’s needs or weaknesses and is repeated daily.
Then, after lunch, students are taken to one of the excellent golf courses on the Gold Coast for an 18-hole playing lesson with their coach. These venues include Emerald Lakes, The Glades, Lakelands, Palm Meadows and Twin Waters. 


“Hitting golf balls at the range from perfect mats and grass is all well and good but, strangely, when you play golf you never seem to get the perfect lie that you get on the range,” Linskey said. “Most shots are either from long grass, hardpan, uphill, downhill or side-hill so the on-course lesson is the most valuable parts of your journey.”
So, if you want to improve or enjoy your golf more than you do at present join AGS on the Gold Coast for the best holiday you can imagine.
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